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    Default A change I would LOVE to see at CN

    We just returned from CSS, and had a great time.. but CN is still the best for us.

    There is one thing at CSS that blows CN away, and that is lunch at the Beach Grill! At CN we stand in line to order at the counter, then have to hand around to hear our number called (for ever it seemed!), or wait for our pager to go off to go and get in line to claim our food. At CSS we sat and ordered from a nice menu, and had our lunch served quickly and efficiently at our table. While we waited for lunch we sat together at our table and enjoyed the view and talked about our day. At CN one of us is sitting at table to hold while the other lingers around the grill counter to claim and carry our food back to the table.
    I'm not saying that the wait at CN is horrible or undoable... I'm just saying that it is a MUCH nicer system at CSS for lunch at the beach grill!

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    We rotate between CSS and CN because we love both equally. We just returned from CSS a few weeks ago and are planning to book our trip next April to CN soon. It's funny how my wife and I always end up comparing the resort we are coming home from with the other, usually on the flight home. I definitely agree with you that lunch service at the beach grill at CSS is much nicer than CN, especially in the newly remodeled grill & bar area at CSS. It would seem to be any easy change to make and would probably require the hiring of a few extra staff to wait the tables which would be a good thing too.

    Each resort has it's great and not-so-great qualities that's a given. CN has a better beach, CSS has the lush grounds. CN is flat, CSS has stairs...lots of stairs. CN has a cruise, CSS does not. At CN you can sit at a table to watch the entertainment, at CSS you sit in a row of chairs without a table (unless you get there early to get one of a few tables).
    One thing that you can always rely on though is that you will have fantastic food, drink and, above all, service at any of the Couples resorts.
    I hope they do change this system at the CN beach grill before we head back to CN next year. You are definitely right, you can't beat chilling with your SO while being served, it is a nice touch.

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    We didn't experience the problems with the grill that you describe. They were using the pagers. We would chill at our table, enjoy the view of the beach, etc. until the pager went off. Then one of us would stroll over and pick up the food, with minimal waiting at that step. Table service would be nice, but I didn't have a big problem with the grill set up in Oct of 2013.

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    We like the pager system, nice and table service for us.

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    We were there this past January and hardly had any wait to order. The only wait was my wife trying to decide what she wanted. While our food was being prepared, we went and got a drink at the bar. Table service would be nice, but all in all, I didn't mind the pager service or the wait. I was on vacation, and didn't have to hurry for anything or anyone.

    Duane & Mary

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    I keep hearing about the pagers but have never seen them in use during our visits.
    The last two weeks there for us (June 2013 and July 2012) you had to wait up there close to the counter to claim your order. Some people accidentally claim the orders of others. It was not great. The pagers sound like a great idea but from our experience and others I read it sounds like the pagers are used at times and not at other times.

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    I thought there was a lunch buffet at Cassava terrace too like the Palms at CSA.
    I take it there is no ala carte menu lunch like Patios at CSA has.

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    I would like to thank CN for the short wait at the Beach Grill. The food is fantastic and when we have to wait it just helps me slow down into beach mode instead of the back at home rush for everything. Nothing better than to sit at the grill and look at my bride of 35 years and be thankful that we are there to just totally relax with each other. Waiting in paradise is no problem for us. Just our opinion

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    We were just at CN last week and they were using the pagers for food at the grill during lunch hours. When your pager went off, your food was ready. No waiting at all. Just walk up and grab it. They do have a lunch buffet at Cassava Terrace as well. We went to CSA for one day and they were also using the pager system at the grill.

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