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    Default I want to do something that would probably ruin my vacation if I do it...

    Namely, because my wife would probably kill me before the vacation, and either I wouldn't enjoy the vacation, being dead, or I wouldn't be intelligent enough to enjoy the vacation, being a zombie...

    I want to make reservations for a third trip to CTI for the wife and I, probably 1.5-2yrs off from now. Why so long? Well. that brings up the reason she'd kill me if I made the reservations (even on the Love Away plan.) We just got the ball rolling on a new (new-new, as in it's currently a hole in the ground with some cement at the bottom) house...

    It almost might be worth being dead to have a trip home to CTI, days spent loafing out on the Isle, relaxing under the soothing hands of the talented masseuses during a couples massage, sipping coffee on the balcony watching the resort slowly wake up, and letting my taste buds revel in the wonderful food of the restaurants...

    If she doesn't come home soon, I may end up making the reservations...


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    I say Zombie Or not, DO IT!!!!!! LOL.

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    Do it and tell her it's a birthday or Christmas present. She can't refuse a gift.

    Duane & Mary

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    Go ahead! Just do it!

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    Honestly, I say to do it (hopefully with your wife's permission). When we booked we did the plan (I can't remember what it is called) where you put $400 down and them don't pay any more until your final payment. With their cancellation policy you could always cancel anytime up until 45 days before and that gave us such great piece of mind booking a year out and knowing there was a chance something might come up. Good luck with your decision!

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    Book It!!!... Who needs a house anyway?

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    Always better beg for forgiveness then Ask for permission

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    Congrats on your new new home! That's so exciting! I totally understand your Couples addiction, but I also hearken back to a few years ago when the economy was so very bad and pennies were being pinched left and right. While we seem to be on an upturn in the US, I now know not to take anything (financial and otherwise) for granted.

    Why not just enjoy the process of building your new home and focus on that? Sure there will be some trials (and having added on to our own home, I also know that budgets were made to be exploded), but there will also (I'm sure) be some great times - and when you feel you're at the end of the process (and know how much liquidity you have), THEN pony up for the trip and surprise your wife!

    I'm sure whatever decision you make will be the best in the long run for you and for your family - good luck with your plans!

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    It would be a nice surprise if you keep it a secret until the day you get the keys to your new house! Then she would be so happy about the house, the surprise vacation would be an added bonus! How could she be mad with a brand new house and a vacation in paradise!

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    I don't understand why she would be mad. Unless you can't afford it in which you shouldn't do it.

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    I told her about it last night, trying to put a bug in her ear about it. Today I went to our favorite local spa for a tandem massage, she was coming in after me for her massage (separate work schedules) and I asked the two masseuses who worked on me to ask her when she might be thinking about going back to Jamaica...

    I think next I'm going to start including pics of our last trip in e-mails to her...

    As for the plans, our last trip we did the Love Away ($300 down / $100/mo) which we can manage easily, especially if we book as far in advance as I'm looking...

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    Wait until the cement is all poured and the walls framed, that way there will be no place to hide the body, then do it, man, do it!

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    YES, you have to go ahead and do it!! We always book the minute it's time to leave CSS!!!!

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    Do it you only live once and can't take money with you when you are gone. She will only be mad for a very short time, LOL I hope. Let us know and good luck with the house.

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    I feel your pain Warren! My husband and I are also building a house that won't be done until this fall. We usually return to Jamaica in June/July to celebrate our anniversary but to my knowledge he hasn't booked anything yet. I'm DYING for him to book something! I've also dropped a bunch of hints but he's either: A) waiting until we close or B) has booked it already and is planning to surprise me later. He has mentioned that it's killing him to not have a summer vacation planned. Hoping for an exciting birthday surprise!
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