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    Couple questions....

    Does the spa at CTI have a steam room?

    The website 360 shows a gorgeous treatment room with a large outdoor soaking tub. Is this available to use after your treatment or is there a package that includes it? We will get a couples massage for sure but the tub is intriguing.

    I downloaded the spa menu but I don't see anything about it.
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    There are two steam rooms. We've had massages in the room with the tub but I really don't know if it gets used.

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    The wife and I have had a couple couples' massages at CTI, both times (if I recall) in one of the rooms with the outdoor tub. Neither time did it get used. I suppose it might be for some of the other treatments...

    As for the steam rooms, the mens and womens locker rooms each have a steam room and a sauna. Unfortunately, neither are co-ed, so no steam room time with your SO. After hours, the locker rooms are closed and locked (I believe,) but the outdoor hot tubs are available for use, including co-ed. BUT! NO "hanky-panky" is permitted even then, you can get thrown out of the resort for that sort of activity, and suits are required...

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