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    Default Which Ocean Verandah room to request with a good view?

    4 weeks to go until our honeymoon at CSA (first timers). We're so excited!

    We are staying in an Ocean Verandah room and wondered if anyone has any recommendations as to where we should request our room to be, to enjoy peace and quiet with a nice view?
    Looking at the resort layout I suspect a corner room middle floor to be good, would this be correct?

    Thanks in advance, I look forward to any responses!

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    congratulations claire- we stayed in a OVS our first trip, and loved it. We were in building 14, a third floor corner room, on the end closest to the swim up bar. Perfect view of the water and sunset-with tree growth it may not be the same(4yrs ago)- but i believe you get a pretty good view of the water in most of the 3rd floor rooms. We spent each night listening to the tree frogs, and watching people stumble to and from the hot tub....pretty entertaining !

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    I'm sure many people have told you already, but I will say it again just in case. You can not guarantee a specific room in advance. Take it from someone who's been 22 times (my husband). When you arrive, you can ask what's available and make your choice then. Happy Honeymoon! We were married on the beach 4/20/13 and just returned from celebrating our first anniversary! Any room you get will be wonderful!

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    Just give a general req! Floor level, center rooms or ends! Don't try and req a certain building or room number! See what you get and if your not happy! Then ask to be moved! They try their hardest to fulfill req!

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