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    We are going back to CSA on April 25th. Has anyone done the trip to the local sunset bar that is one of their included tours??? Is the bar Ricks Café or someplace else? Anyone have any input or reviews?


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    They haven't done the Rick's tour for quite some time. Might be The Caves or RockHouse... I forget.

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    You can take a cab to Rick's from Cn or CSA, haggle with the driver, probably $15pp and he stays while you are there. You need to go around 5:00, it gets dark pretty early in the fall and winter. Rick's is a tourist trap but fun to watch the guys jump off the cliffs and then climb the trees on the cliffs and jump out of them. There is a stage, restaurant, and pool. It gets pretty crowded at sunset and then it empties out shortly after.

    We liked the old Rick's before it got destroyed by the hurricane.

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    OK thanks. Yeah didn't stop on our honeymoon because it was a tourist trap. We want to jump this time. That's the main reason we want to go this time

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    It is not Rick's, but typically somewhere much more low key. The first time I went, they took us to The Sands, which is part of The Caves, down near the lighthouse. I have heard that in the last couple of years, they have gone to Push Cart, another bar on the cliffs. When we did it, we had a great time, but if you're looking for the party atmosphere of Rick's, you may well be disappointed.

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    It was Pushcart (at Rockhouse) last time for us. It overlooks the little cave were the Catamaran Cruise often goes.

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    Overall is it worth it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwenda View Post
    Overall is it worth it?
    When we did it, the trip was to The Sands (attached to The Caves), and we thought it was well worth it. It was pretty low key, but they had a bar, someone grilling jerk chicken, and a place you could jump off the cliffs. I've not been since they started taking people to Pushcart, though I imagine it's also a nice way to spend a few hours.

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    It depends if you are interested in having a drink up on the cliffs. If you are, then it is worth it just not to have to pay cab fare up there. We generally don't go on the Sunset Bar trip because we always make a trip up there for drinks and dinner via taxi anyway. We make a reservation at Rockhouse (rather than Pushcart) or Ivan's for around sunset and then take a cab up there and stay for the evening and have drinks a couple different places on the cliffs before dinner.
    If you are just going up for dinner and have a reservation Ivan's and Rockhouse (among others) will pick you up at Couples for free to get there for dinner. Then you pay for the Taxi back after dinner. But if you would just like a short trip to the cliffs for a drink (not included, you pay for your drinks) then it is certainly worth it IMO.

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