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    Default December/January

    We will be at CN from Christmas until 7th of January and are interested in AN. Who will join us?

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    Default If it's your first visit

    I'm sure you will love CN and all it has to offer - NYE is just the best. You may have seen a different thread for Christmas and New Year which seem to be gathering momentum but possibly not from those partial to the AN beach. Personally speaking it's not for us but I am sure you will meet up with plenty who do! Have fun. Helen. UK.

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    Default December 30-January 5

    Second visit to CN for Larry & I, my birthday is Dec 29th, celebrating and bringing in the new year Jamaican style CN. Can't wait!

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    Default Dec. 28 - Feb. 4

    Gary and I are thrilled to be coming back for our 3rd time to CN, countin' down the days! We're from McFarland, WI.

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    Steve and Beth from Ohio.
    January 28th to February 6th.
    Repeat offenders

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    Here is an excel file of December couples at CN. Please fix, add, change as needed! Can't wait to see you all there!
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    what am I thinking?? We're not arriving DEC 28------- not til JAN 28! boo hoo, just too excited I guess!

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