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    Default Club Mobay Booking Question and Silly Coffee Question

    We will be leaving for CSA in exactly two weeks (YAY...about to start packing)! We are set to arrive into MBJ at 11:40am on Friday, 5/9...the 9th plane to land within 30 minutes (according to current flight schedules, anyway). Therefore, I have contacted Club Mobay via the booking portion of their website to reserve both their incoming and outgoing services. My question is, how long does it normally take to receive a response? I contacted them on Monday, but still haven't heard anything 5 days later.

    My second question: is it possible to request honey for use in your morning coffee?


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    When I booked Club MoBay through the resort, it took them about 48 hours to give me a confirmation. 5 days seems a long time to wait! I honestly have no idea about the honey, but if it turns out they can't provide that, what about bringing some little packets with you?

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    I started my ClubMobay booking with them through their websites services request form. They emailed me the next day with another payment form to fill out. Rather than sending my credit card info through email i contacted them by phone to complete the registration. This way works out real good as they already had our names and flight information so it was a brief phone call to add the payment. You can do the whole thing over the phone. Here are the phone numbers they gave me.

    Tel: 1-876-619-1565, 1-876-381 0299 (Jamaican Numbers)
    (954) 837-6290 (US Skype Number)

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    I booked it through the resort but I got a response from Club Mobay quickly. I'd try to contact them again.

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    We booked our Club Mobay through a Couples reservation agent. We didn't get anything for about two weeks and then I sent an email to the agent who contacted VIP to nudge them and I received an email the next day. I would call VIP/Club Mobay or send them a follow up email.

    They had honey packets on the buffet during breakfast at CN last week so I think you should be ok.

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    I booked it through Expedia and had communication direct from Club Mo Bay within 24 hrs.

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    -Check your spam folder. I have booked with them a few times and always get a response within 24 hours. Also, email them at -letting them know when you tried to book and your request. There is also a us phone number of 954-837-6290 if you want to call.

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    I think the SPAM folder was the issue. I emailed them directly and received a response within the hour. We are all set! And yay for honey!

    Mark & April
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    I booked Club Mobay with my US Airways Package, and received confirmation in about 48 hours.

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