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    I did a search for this topic and found lots of responses but most were at least a year old and I wanted to see if things had changed at all. How dependable is the WIFI from CN? We plan to use Google Voice or Skype to call home to talk to our kids while we are away. Verizon said they don't have an international plan that includes Jamaica and so it was going to cost us $2.00 a minute to call home. Texts are 50 cents. I can handle the occasional text charge but $2.00 per minute for a phone call is a bit much. The only hitch with Google Voice is we need WIFI. Can you still buying calling cards in the gift shops if needed? I believe that was what we did last time. Thank you! 2 more sleeps!

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    We did Facetime last year with our kids at CN. Do it in the morning. The evening is much, much busier and hardly a connection at all. We went to CN last May, 2013. Good luck and have a great time!

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