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    Default Short connection in Charlotte on the way home.

    Just wondering what you all thought of a 1 hr 11 minute connection in Charlotte on the home from Jamaica to Minneapolis. Seems awfully short to me, but flight times have changed a couple times since booking in October. This is Tuesday evening May 6th. What do you all think? Thanks in advance. Also Us Airways says this is a legal connection, so I assume they have to put us on the next available flight if we do miss it.

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    We had the same kind of connection last year on a Sat heading back to MSP thru Charlotte. It was no problem. It's a nicely laid out airport. Not too big. I really like that US Airways flight. We'd have done it again this year but Southwest/AirTran thru Midway just couldn't be beat.

    Anyway, I think you'll be fine, especially since it's a Tues.

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    I connect through Charlotte all the time (I was there Wednesday). 1 hour 11 minutes should be enough time. We've gone through immigration in Charlotte over a dozen times, and the longest we've had to wait in the immigration line was 30 minutes, and then usually a few more minutes to get our luggage and recheck it. Here's a tip. After you recheck your bags, you go up an escalator and will come up near the security lines for the D and E concourses. If those lines are backed up, walk a short way down the concourse to check out the security lines for C or even B. Sometimes those are shorter.

    As far as it being a "legal" connection, that won't mean a thing if you miss your flight and the next flight home is booked solid and they can't rebook you until the next day or even later.

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    We are in the same boat, 66 minute layover which when we booked was 1hour 20 minute layover. This is for may 6th also only we go to milwaukee, which resort are you going to? Us CN.

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    We usually have about 1 hour and 15 minutes, which is enough, even having to wait for 30 minutes or so. Something we do to help is we try to hit the bathroom on the plane about 15-20 minutes before landing, that way we can walk quickly to immigration and not have to stop. The idea about heading down the concourse for the other entry areas to gates is also a very good hint. My wife and I are now Pre TSA approved so that helps. Not certain how we got on that list, other then we are frequent flyers an have been for many years. Never applied for it, but I sure do enjoy it.

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    On one trip back from Jamaica I had 35 minutes to go through customs and make it to my next gate. I made it with 10 minutes to spare.

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    Great airport to fly in and out of. Easy to navigate through, plenty of food. You should be fine.

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    mjd, we are going to CSA the 29th to the 6th. Originally ours was a 1hr 25 min connection which I was much more comfortable with. I had my TA check the seats on the next flight to Minneapolis and it is only about half full so either way I guess we will be fine. Thanks for the responses.

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    We missed our connecting flight in Charlotte because of immigration long lines. We had an hour layover too. Airlines had to put up about 30 of us in a hotel in Charlotte for the night.Not fun.

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    I would be cautious...we originally had about an hour and 10 minutes, but our flight leaving MBJ was delayed (inbound to MBJ from charlotte was late) and we would have only had 58 minutes. The US Air agent in Jamaica said that could not be done and they actually pulled us off of the original connection flight and booked us on a second flight leaving charlotte about 30 minutes later. We BARELY made that one with 10 minutes to spare. Immigration was so slammed they wouldn't let us off the flight. Customs went fast. But then security was slow.

    Now that was a Saturday and one of the spring break weeks so your Tuesday might not be bad at all. I would just double check in MBJ when you arrive for your departure. Couples will have you there with plenty of time.

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    The security line is usually the longest wait, but Tues will be better than w/e. Hopefully your inbound flight will be on time. We use CLT for almost every flight that we take and they do a better job than most airports on the east coast.

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