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    Default LIVE - from CN (April 2014 edition)

    OK, so it's not "LIVE - from CN" quite yet. If all goes as planned, we will be on the beach by this time tomorrow morning. The car comes for us at 4:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m. flight out of Kennedy, I think it arrives at Montego Bay just before 10:00 a.m. Customs>bags>Couples Lounge>TimAir>CN...

    Stay tuned for updates!

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    Can't wait!!!

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    Looking forward to reading them! Safe travels.

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    Have a wonderful vacation!

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    Haha, can't wait to hear it! Sounds just like our flight on Jet Blue from JFK in 16 short days! Can't wait to read about your updates. I'm so excited to get there!!!!!!! Good luck sleeping tonight.

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    Too many thoughts for this quick update....but I had to tell you that we set a new personal record: at pool bar, drink in hand (Linda dirty banana, Bert rum & diet cola) at 11:15 a.m.! That record may stand for a while. It is so, so good to be home! (stay tuned for updates)

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    Enjoy your vacation! We're headed to CSA next Saturday the 3rd for our 3rd stay.

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    Wow, 11:15 is awesome! I am so jealous. Our flight also gets in around ten, I would be so stoked to make it to the resort that early! Have a great vacation!

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    I am certain many of you can relate to the excitement of being on the front end of day one of a Couples stay. It is amazing to me how we immediately fall into our comfort zone. We just checked in to our Building 1, 3rd floor room (perfect for us - we love the stairs to work off some of the rum!) - & the new bathroom is sweet!.

    We found out that our old friends Simone Gordon (now front desk manager) & Carlos (entertainment) have moved up the road a couple of miles to CSA. We will do the Trading Places just to say "hello"!

    Bought my palm leaf hat from Dennis (picture to follow), spent some time with Jovane from Water Sports (he is such a funny guy) and scheduled a morning training with Wayne in the gym for tomorrow.

    My wife is telling me we have to get back to the beach...and she is right (as usual...and that is a quote from her!).

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    Linda and I were discussing tonight that we think Heliconia might be our favorite CN restaurant (but don't tell anyone!).

    I have referenced before "pizza/wine date night" - for a $10 pizza and a BYO bottle of wine, we have a budget date night. For the past year, every PWDN has been Couples conversation. We are either reflecting on trips we have taken or talking about what we will do on the next one. Today was perfect. It was everything we have been talking about for the past year...and more!

    Early to bed, early to rise. We have an appointment at the gym tomorrow morning...sleep tight!

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    6:30 in-room Breakfast #1, 7:00 run, 8:15 training with Wayne, then Breakfast #2 (that is quite fun to say), and this is right now:

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    Nice toe nails! Did your wife do them?

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    Love it, and how did you get there so early? Did you use TIMAIR? We left there 57 days 6 hours ago, and it seems like 57 years. 179 days 21 hours until return.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sierrahiker68 View Post
    Nice toe nails! Did your wife do them? a pedi the day before we left (don't knock it 'till you try it's pretty fun...we've been known to bring a bottle of wine for the pedi then go right next door to slide right into Pizza Wine Date Night).

    Great day yesterday. We've met Ron & Pam (who we noticed tend to come to CN the same time as us each year). We also had a nice chat with Vince & Pam from VT (learned more about maple syrup than I ever knew ).

    Off to a couples massage in a half hour...

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    Did Wayne used to be at CSA?

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    I was sitting at the Beach Bar the other day thinking that one of the things that I love about Couples is that there are always people here having a good time. So even if I am at work or shoveling snow, there are people at Couples having fun. Right now just happens to be our turn...the next time it could be your turn.

    This morning I met Joeymi from the CN Meet-Up/April 2014 thread. We went for a great morning run (well, it was a run for this old slow guy...likely a slow trot or brisk walk for him ). Turns out his room is right next door!

    At the beach by 9:00 this morning...just waiting for the bar to open.

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    A bit of liquid sunshine this afternoon (nothing an order of jerk chicken & and a couple of Red Stripes can't handle). Tennyson at the Beach Bar is a friendly, happy man.

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    I strained my back yesterday while attempting to climb up onto a floatie (of all things). So no running today. But we did a PT with Wayne (note: I don't think he was a CSA guy...but I will check). He did a good core/stretching session because of my back. He does such a good job.

    Jovaine from Water Sports tells me he thinks the wind will pick up a bit so we can take a catamaran out in a bit.

    We are exactly in the middle of our trip (our past and our future precisely divided). Looking forward...

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    We had the Zappa Cocktail Social at the pool bar this afternoon. Sorry if I missed Zappagirl or Tonys. Rodney told me and Jeff we were old (because we like FZ), Jeff played a solo acoustic version of Uncle Remus on the beach earlier (as well as a few others I don't recall)...and we just got silly (AAAFNRAA). Carry on.

    Repeater's Dinner tonight.

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    Sounds like you're having a great time! Jealous! 22 days away for us !

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    I'm loving your updates Bert. 24 days til our first visit to CN and Jamaica and you are setting the scene perfectly....... thanks

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    Glad you're having a great time...well it's hard not too at CN. We just missed you down there, were were at the beginning of the April 2014 list, but did manage to meet a few great people from the April meet-up list.

    If, BIG IF, you get a chance, could you look at the drink menu at the main pool bar and post what's in an Amazing Grace? No worries though if its trouble. Try one from Ivylin, they're great, but sneaky strong.

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    Wow...where does the time go? Today is our last full day. And we plan to make the best of it! Good sailing yesterday. I have had jerk chicken every day (and plan on it for today and before we leave tomorrow).

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    Just did the glass bottom boat (easy, fun). Currently listening to Donnovan Dallrymple playing on the beach.

    Here you go zambam:

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    Here is my buddy Jeff playing some lead guitar on "Stir It Up" with Donnavon Dalrymple:

    We always look forward to hearing Donnavon. He loves the music & it shows.

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