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    Default Best day to fly into Jamaica?

    What is the best day to fly into Jamaica? I see where some people use the extra service to get through the airport faster and some say it is not worth it. So what is the busiest day? and what is the least busiest day? or does it vary from month to month. We will be headed to CN in June and just want to get some idea of how long we will be standing in line. Not that it matters a whole lot because standing in line on Vacation is better than sitting while working!!!!!

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    We've been to Jamaica 6 times so far and have always arrived on a Friday. Every Friday has been different. There have been times we've sailed through, and one time (the time we took our kids) we waited two hours. So it's really just depends. It's best to check before you go and see which flights are arriving on that day and at what times. It also depends on staffing and how many windows are open. This year we're arriving on a Tuesday so we're hoping to sail through but who knows.
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    Any day would be fine for me, just show me the ticket!!!!

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    Tomorrow! Unless it's early and we can catch a red eye tonight.

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    We have visited Jamaica 25+ times over the years and have never really settled on a day that is best. We have had crowds or strolled right through on almost every day of the week. Volume often tends to be greater at immigration on Saturdays, but there are also more stations open on high volume days so the total time on a crowded Saturday has sometimes been shorter than smaller crowds on other days. We generally just travel on the days that are most convenient for us because that is the only part we can control.

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    We've been to Jamaica 19 times and have arrived on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. While I agree with klmurphy that no two Fridays (or Thursdays or Saturdays or Sundays) are the same, in our experience, we've found that weekends bring heavier traffic.
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    I don't fret too much about the lines. It's a crapshoot. For us, the best day to arrive is when we can get the best deal on flights.

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    Since we started arriving on Wednesdays, during peak and non-peak season, we have never had a wait of more then a few minutes and we always arrive around 11:15 in the morning. Now that could just be we are lucky too. Our first trip we had to wait about 30 minutes when arriving on a Monday, but it was Valentine Day week. Those are the only two days we have arrived.

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    Sundays! Most people come in on Saturday and leave on Saturday.

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    We did Friday on our first trip. 15 minutes tops coming in and no wait going out. This was in Dec. 2012 before Christmas. We are doing Sunday this year, hoping for a similar result.

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    No question, the best to Tuesday. No lines and the airfare is cheaper.

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    Tomorrow is fine with me!!!

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    yup, def tues...can't wait! unfortunately, we miss the repeater dinner, but it's okay

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    I've been looking into exactly this issue and taking into account both wait times and airfare and the answer is clearly Tuesday. No contest. Monday or Wednesday is ok, but not as good as Tuesday.

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    We always just go with which day has the best airfare... This year we're arriving on a Tuesday (less than two weeks to go!). Our last Trip was a Sunday (i think?) and I know we waited a lot longer at immigration that time...

    I checked this tuesday and there were a ton of flights all arriving just before our flight is scheduled to get in, so we're splurging for club mobay both ways this trip. For us, the peace of mind is worth it.

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    Actually, my answer should have been, any day is the best when arriving in Jamaica and headed to Couples. Is Good Mon!

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