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    Default Something for the comment card RE: SSB

    When we checked out of CSS to come home last Thursday the thing that I wrote on my comment card (in addition to the names of some great staff members!) was a request that they start putting an urn of fresh hot coffee and some cups out at SSB in the mornings. At other nude beaches at other resorts we generally get there early to find some pastries and some good high mountain coffee! SSB is a LONG way from the nearest cup of coffee, unlike CN where the coffee is just a short walk away. If anyone else would enjoy access to some good, fresh early morning coffee at SSB please remember to mention it at the Repeater Dinner (We did!) and to put it on your Comment Card. Maybe they will consider it for the future.
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    I think we should also ask for more umbrellas around the pool at SSB too! Shade is a wonderful thing!

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    I think that's an excellent suggestion. Although the bar is great, there are times during the morning when coffee (and a danish) is preferable to alcohol.

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    We stay at CTI and I love having coffee on the beach in the morning. Doing that at SSB would be awesome... Great idea!

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    My wife and I generally got to SSB around 6:30 or 7:00 AM and would relax there until we simply needed coffee too bad to stay. Then we would go to Palazina for breakfast around 8 or 8:30. It's kind of funny because SSB would still be pretty deserted when we would to go breakfast but we we would get back 45 min later the place would be coming alive.

    Some coffee and danish would allow me to stay there until lunch and never have to leave!

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    Wouldn't that be awesome! Both are great ideas! Next week at this time we will be there.

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    +2 on the coffee and nibbles suggestion. Although, if the plate of delicious goodies my lovely wife usually takes away from the dessert buffet each evening is anything to go by, all other SSB attendees will need to get in quick when the pastries arrive! The frustrating thing is that she is 51 and a UK size 8 (that pretty small!)! How nice would it be to be able to nosh sweet things and laugh in the face of calories!

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    We have never done this at css (maybe this year) but at CSA we would order room service for breakfast and take it with us to the beach.

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    We just returned from our second trip to CSS a couple days ago. We spend all our days at SSB and one thing I think would greatly improve the bar at SSB is a slushy machine. Having a single or double machine loaded with a couple of frozen concoctions would greatly reduce the bartenders work load and improve service to the customers. I love Miami Vice drinks but felt so guilty ordering one because it was so much work for the bartenders to blend both pina colada and strawberry daiquiri. Having a machine loaded with these would make it simple and easy. I have put this on the comment card each time and hopefully one day it will happen. Another improvement would be a self service water station or even bottled water in a cooler so one could help themselves. There was a mad rush for water as soon as the bartenders arrived in the morning and that hampered there ability to get the bar stocked and open.

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    I luv all these ideas. We arrive tomorrow afternoon and I will keep all these in mind for my comment card. Has the stereo system improved? We end up bringing our small Bose speaker. We always ask those around us if they mind or to let us know if it's too loud.

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    MsHoo, can't speak for the main pool area but at SSB they have a new sound system. Tended to play the same mix everyday but it was very similar to the island mix I have on my ipod. Island reggae like marley, cliff, shaggy and through in some modern pop tunes like Robin Thick, Black eye peas, Lorde Good mix the only thing I would have added is my favorite "Caribbean Country" like Chesney, Zac and Buffet. Lack of tunes at SSB was something we put on the comment card last year so they do take note.

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    I knew I forgot something on my comment card. Hearing the same tunes day after day.....

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    I asked the bartenders and they said it's a CD player... so if you're planning to spend a lot of time at SSB bring a great CD and ask them to play it.

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    We put the suggestion about coffee and danishes on our comment card last week. Some friends who were with us also put it on theirs. We mentioned it to all the couples at SSB so hopefully more of them will as well!

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    Yummy treats and coffee/juice by the pool sounds awesome!!! I hope it's there in 50 days

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