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    thanks for the info

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    How much is wetsuit rental? I am most definitely a freeze baby! Would a dive skin be good to dive in? Have never been diving before so I don't know exactly what to expect. Most pools I find too cold to enjoy, so I feel like I will probably want something more than a swimsuit. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamey View Post
    How much is wetsuit rental? I am most definitely a freeze baby! Would a dive skin be good to dive in? Have never been diving before so I don't know exactly what to expect. Most pools I find too cold to enjoy, so I feel like I will probably want something more than a swimsuit. Thanks!
    When we were at CTI in October it was $10 for a 3mm shorty.

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    Default Scuba at Couples Questions

    My husband and I considering one of the Couples resorts for next year. The resorts look lovely and I like the idea that the diving is included. I have a couple of questions though

    1. Although this wouldn't be a trip just about diving which of the resorts has the most interesting diving?
    2. We would probably come in Jan or Feb and wondered what the winds and water conditions are like (again is one the resorts better in this respect at that time of year)
    3. Is equipment included?
    4. What are the many dives per day that sort of thing?
    5. Are the dive boats at the resort or do you have to shuttle to go diving?

    Okay so five questions!! Thanks in advance

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    -What all do I need to do for the referral program? I understand I need to do the PADI online certification before going?
    -Do I also need to do the pool portion before I go or will that be taken care of at Couples? Also how long does the referral course last (2 entire days morning to evening? or 2 mornings only?)
    I have experience in Scuba Diving as I have taken an entire course and pool portion but was not able to do the open water dives at the time and that has been 2 years past now, so unfortunately have to start all over.

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    Will a SSI open water certification work or do I have to have a PADI certification to dive at couples?

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    We met a couple that did the online Padi certification and I know they said they had to retake the final test at couples again. Not sure what happened as far as the confined water dives, but it looks like a lot of skills are taught in the confined dives. I probably will be in a similar situation. I had to schedule 1 private class to finish all but the open water dives before we get there in April. I finish on the 15th and we arrive the 18th. Not real sure how it's going to all work out yet but everything will be fresh in my head at least.

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    You can dive at any Couples resort with an SSI certification.

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    Is there a way to contact the dive team directly with questions? An e-mail or something?

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    Hi wallace02mgd,

    Which resort dive team would you like to make contact with?
    Michelle Gordon
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    Alicat733 --

    I can answer at least some of your questions.

    1. At least on the Negril side, I believe the dive sites are the same regardless of whether you go to CSA or CN; they are close to each other and visit the same general collection of sites.

    2. We've been in April, December, and July, and have never had any serious wind issues on the Negril side (we generally go to CSA). I think that generally speaking, there are far more "wind" days on the CTI/CSS side of the island than on the CN/CSA side, which does not mean that you will get a lot of wind at CTI/CSS in January or February. Rather, I'm talking relative to one another. I would hope someone else will chime in on typical wind conditions on the CTI/CSS side in January/February.

    3. All the equipment is included, though many take their own masks and fins. But I have found the equipment to be pretty well cared for and in good shape at both CSS and CSA (I have not been to CN or CTI for diving).

    4. In general, you can do two dives per day, with a few exceptions. At CSA, there is a two-tank dive on Saturday mornings, and it is the only dive; there is no afternoon dive that day. For the other six days, three days each week, the morning dive is designed as a "deep" dive for Advanced Open Water certified divers only. I do not know how strictly they follow that; it probably depends on who is at the resort at any given time. The other three mornings, any certified diver can dive. On all days (except Saturday) there is an afternoon dive open to all certified divers. The only other "restriction" is that you may not be able to dive twice in a particular day if they are really busy; they will work hard to accommodate everyone, but will try to ensure everyone gets at least one dive if there is not enough room for everyone to dive as often as they want. When I've been there, it is rare that they have had to turn away people who want to dive. (Note that I am assuming there are similar types of "restrictions" at the other resorts, but I only really know the details about CSA.)

    5. The dive boats are right there on property. The boat at CSA is fabulous and only a year or two old; others will know about the other resorts. You walk right from the dive shack on the beach onto the boat.

    Good luck with your choice. As many will say about all of these questions, you can't really make a wrong choice once you've decided on a Couples resort. Choose the one that calls to you, and have a great time.

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    Beginner's resort course questions:

    How difficult is the training?
    Do you need to be physically fit to complete it?
    Is this something a "plus sized" person can do easily?

    CSS 5/21-5/31/13
    CSS 4/12-4/24/15

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    As I recall, the toughest thing about the training was the swim test. At CSA, it was 8 (I think) lengths of the pool, which needed to be completed swimming freestyle without a break. Speed was not an issue; you could swim as slow as you needed to, as long as you completed it. The rest of the training takes place with equipment in the pool and is not particularly physically challenging. As far as being "plus sized," there are plenty of "plus sized" divers out there (me included). If you are "plus sized" and completely sedentary in real life, you will probably struggle because diving is a physical activity. If you're otherwise active and can swim reasonably well, you should have no problem.

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    The dive boat at CTI. Are they still using the snorkel boat? Nine days and counting!

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    Thanks so much. I booked CSA for the end of January for a week. We are already counting the days!!! One more question are the wet suits full or shorties? I hate being cold when I dive! Thanks

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    Vacouple. The main thing is being able to complete the swim test.

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    I'm pretty sure the wetsuits are 3mm shorties, but I've not used one, so hopefully someone else can confirm. I've typically found the water plenty warm enough that I do not need a wetsuit (though my wife has gone back and forth between no wetsuit and a 3mm shorty that she brings with her).

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    Just wondering if either of you had done any scuba diving before you got certified at Couples?
    My husband and I are really excited to try - how much does it cost? And it's a 4 hour land course thru the resort right?
    Thanks for your help; looking forward to being in paradise in a few sleeps!

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    I can relate my experience. On my first trip to CSA, I did the "resort" course with the free dive. We started around 8:30 in the morning (I think), did the swim test, the video, and the pool work, and were done before 11:00 (again, to the best of my recollection). We then had a short wait and went out for our dive; I think we were back on the beach by 12:30 or so. (Others who have done this more recently may be able to offer a more accurate time frame.)

    On my next trip, I again planned to do only the resort course with a free dive, but after talking with the Dive Crew at CSA, decided to take the plunge and get certified. So when my "certification" formally began, I had done one resort course dive a year earlier and was just getting ready to do another resort dive. That dive ended up being my first certification dive. I think we then did about two hours in the pool on that day, and two hours in the pool the next day. I can't remember now whether we did a second actual dive on day 1, or whether we did three dives on day 2, but I know that at the end of the second full day, I was certified. In the afternoons both days, I sat on the beach/patio reading the book and taking the various written tests.

    Had I to do it all over again, I would do two things differently. First, I would not wait until late in the trip to make the decision, because I think it would been nicer to spread the certification over three days, rather than two. Second, I would do the book work before getting to CSA, so I didn't feel like I had to do "homework" on the beach. Admittedly, it wasn't all that bad, but it requires a bit of focus, and a steady stream of blended drinks would not have helped, so I watched others having fun drinking away the afternoon while I was studying. (I can't remember exactly how long this took, but it was several [maybe 3-4?] hours each day.)

    I do think it's a bit more expensive to split the work up. Unless prices have changed, I think CSA charged $365 for a full Open Water certification, or $250 if you had done the book work ahead of time. I just checked, and to do the "e-learning" course from PADI (all of which you can do on-line) costs $169. Still, if my numbers are correct, the extra $54 would have been well worth it to me. (And when we went on our next trip the following year, that is exactly what my wife did. She did the PADI on-line course before we got there, and completed the certification at CSA.)

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    Just finished my confined water dives here in yucky cold Ohio! Can't wait to hit open warm water for my certification dives! Anyone going to be at CSS 18th thru 25th? I couldn't talk the wife into being my dive buddy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robnamy View Post
    Just finished my confined water dives here in yucky cold Ohio! Can't wait to hit open warm water for my certification dives! Anyone going to be at CSS 18th thru 25th? I couldn't talk the wife into being my dive buddy.
    I'm kind of in the same boat (no pun intended). My wife doesn't want to scuba dive. I did my coursework online so I won't have to worry about it there. Still need to do the confined dives and then the open water dives. We are going to be there 4/12-4/24! I plan on signing up for the dives soon after arrival.
    CSS 5/21-5/31/13
    CSS 4/12-4/24/15

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    Look forward to meeting you VaCouple. I dove at CSA the past 2 years and had a blast. My wife does not dive either. This will be our first trip to CSS and that side of the island, I look forward to new dive sites. We arrive on 4/10. I'll start diving 4/12. The first full day is dedicated to things we can do together. Happy wife, happy life!

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    We get there Saturday. I can't wait to dive on Monday. I got certified last September and have been wanting to go. Hope to see you there. Safe travels
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    We are curious if our good friends and dive buddy/divemasters Shaggy & Franz are still at CSA? We've promised them some much needed items and before we pack them, we wanted to know if they were still working there...

    A mere 62 days, 8 hours, and 40 minutes away... but who's counting?!

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    Also, does anyone know how much it would cost to do my Divemaster certification there while on our vacation? And who I need to contact about that?

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