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    Default swim test at csa

    does anyone know how many meters the swim test is at csa ?

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    Last year my wife and I received our "Scuba Diver" certification while at CN. We didn't have enough time to complete our full OW certification. My question now is, if we only plan to ever dive at Couples while on vacation, is OW even necessary? Do the dives offered at the resorts always include a guide? Or will the boat take experienced divers out and drop them off and just wait for them to come back up?

    Eventually I'm sure we'd like to expand to AOW so we dive deeper, just curious about whether or not spending the time/money during this years trip is worth it or not.

    Can we do the 2 dives a day with our Scuba Diver cert or do we have to get OW in order to take advantage of the resort dives?

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    Beer _Suds,

    I believe what you have is a resort certification which is only good for the trip you were on when you received it. If you go again, you will need to repeat the same process in order to make one dive.

    You will need to be Open Water Certified in order to make the two daily dives. The dive masters at Couples will never drop you off alone and just wait for you to come up. We dove the wrecks off the coast of North Carolina and the dive shop we used did direct you to go down the line and come back up on your own while they waited in the boat. That made us a little anxious since the tiger sharks were swarming the wreck.

    If you think you will want to dive, it would be well worth your time to pursue an Open Water Certification. There are many things you will learn about scuba diving that every diver should know.

    I got my Open Water Certification and my Advanced Open Water Certification at Couples Swept Away. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

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    Gayle Ann - I completely agree we should have done it sooner (like years ago when we started going to Couples) and both want to get our OW certification. This years trip is only 5 days and I don't want to spend ALL of it reading the book and taking the written tests. Scuba Diver is a PADI certification that registers us as certified divers able to dive to 40' like OW does, but we have to have a DM with us. So I wasn't sure if we would be able to dive or not without or OW.

    I also asked the question on a FB page and was told we would need our OW cert. So I'm just going to read the book ahead of time and use the checkout dives as a chance to dive and make the most out of our vacation.

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    Why don't you consider doing your course work for Open Water online before you go, then you will be ready for pool work and open water dives. I did mine that way because I didn't want to spend vacation time doing the course work either.
    We are planning a short trip this year also, end of December through first part of January. It will be our 8th trip, we love CSA!

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    We're going to do all of the book work before we get there so we can minimize time spent on the class, and just do the pool work and check-out dives. We figure check out dives = diving so it should all be good. Very much looking forward to going home for our 9th trip to Couples (3rd to CSA).

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    Have you been to Couples Tower Isle? My nephew and his wife are on their way home from there today and my brother and his wife are leaving for there next week. We have all been to CSA, including my daughter and her boyfriend. I wouldn't mind trying one of the others but can never seem to tear myself away from CSA. We have been to Cozumel 3 times (the diving there is amazing) and To Grand Cayman once, but we always compare them to CSA. So far none of the others have the amenities - and that beautiful beach. Not to mention the great dive staff.

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    We have been to CTI 3 times now. We were there right before the big renovation a few years back, and then again just after. We spent a few days there last year before transferring to CN.

    Beautiful resort, with unbelievable staff. We don't particularly care for the beach (too small, sand too course, and water to rough) and end up spending all of our time on the island. Love spending the day on the island - it's like being on an intimate tropical oasis with 20 of your best friends.

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    I was in a similar situation and someone on this board suggested I complete the classroom work and confined water dives at home. Which I did, so when I got to Couples all I had to do was the open water dives which was over the course of two days. I was only there for five days as well. During your training dives you still go out with the normal dive crew but you are with a separate instructor and group. We ended up doing two twenty minute dives on Monday and another two twenty minutes dives on Tuesday. This is how the training broke down (for me):

    Monday: 8:20 am meeting. Review course work and put all equipment together and take it apart (a few times). The first dive was twenty minutes and was just to get you used to being in open water. It essentially was my first real dive. After twenty minutes we surfaced and went over what we would do on the second twenty minute dive. The same stuff you learned in confined water (clear your mask, remove your mask, remove your regulator, etc). Then you head back with the rest of the group. There is another dive at 1pm that I wasn't able to do since I did not have my certification and I still needed two more OW dives to complete the course. You can only do 3 of your OW dives a day so I wasn't able to get any more training in or go out with the 1pm divers Monday.

    Tuesday: 8:45am meeting. I grabbed my gear and headed right on the boat. First twenty minute dive was more training, buoyancy control, some navigation, manually inflating your BCD underwater, etc. Then we surfaced and went over a few things before the second twenty minute dive. The second dive was a free dive, meaning we didn't go over any training. We went down to about 60' to get comfortable and just explored. After that dive I was certified and able to go out with the 1pm divers that afternoon.

    Wednesday & Thursday: I was with all the other divers for the 9am & 1pm dive. Since you're the new kid on the block your dive master is still watching you pretty closely to make sure you're comfortable. The divers you are diving with also have an idea that you're new and are usually nice enough to buddy up with you or give you some direction when you're underwater. You have a ton of support to make sure you are comfortable with whatever situation you're in.

    If I didn't knock out the pool training at home I don't think I would have had the time to do any certified dives when I got there. Resort policy is you can't dive 24 hours before your flight. I will also say my local dive shop was more than happy to work with me and get everything done here that I could before getting to Jamaica. And then once I got to Jamaica Richardo & Steve were fantastic to work with!

    There is also a special night time dive (I think it's $100 and you need at least 4 people to sign up for the dive.) but from what I understand you only go down 30' so you don't need your OW certification for it.

    Hope that helps and good luck!

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    Please stay safe! it's not just Resort policy that you can't dive 24 hours before your flight, it's a safety provision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Hamburg View Post
    Please stay safe! it's not just Resort policy that you can't dive 24 hours before your flight, it's a safety provision.
    Sorry, guess I should have clarified. PADI rules are you can not fly 12 hours after a single dive and 18 hours after a repetitive or multiple day dive. When I inquired about the night dive at Couples I would have been under the 18 hour rule but not the 24 hours resort rule so I couldn't go on that dive. It was good to know that for the future. Of course always play it safe.

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    Default Equipment

    What's the scuba equipment like in Couples Swept away? I was open water PADI certified a couple years ago but since I only dive on vacations I haven't purchased my own equipment, do they have wet suits available or should I bring one.

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    Default Best Resort for Instructors

    Which Couples resort has the best diving instructors in your opinion?


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    We have had great experiences with the dive staff at CN, CSS and CSA. We have heard god things about the team at CTI. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. Its like asking which of your kids do you love the most!

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    I'm now pondering OW certification. Has anyone else done all the coursework online at the PADI site, and then the dives at CN? Someone said the price was $365, I assume that's the dives only and not the course work? How many dives would I need to complete for OW, and how many days does it take? I ask because I'm only there 6 nights.

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    I did 1/2 the OW certification last year at CN (Scuba Diver) in a day. We decided during the pool work for the Discover Scuba class that we wanted our certification so they spent a few extra minutes with us in the pool to go over some of the other skills then went out and did 2 back to back check out dives. When we came back we read the chapters in the book and took the test. We didn't decide to even try it until the day before we left or we would have completed the full OW cert last year.

    In speaking to some of the Dive Masters about completing OW this year I was advised to finish reading my book at home and completing the book work and we'd just have to do the pool skills check and check out dives once we got there this year, so I'm guessing full OW would be 2 days (maybe 3).

    I will say this - totally worth it. Learning scuba is just another "excursion" in the morning and the book work gave me something to read on the beach in the afternoon.

    Not to mention it's MUCH cheaper than the $700 it would cost to get certified at home.

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    We want to dive during our visit to CTI in a week. How long does it take? TIA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianCooney View Post
    There is also a special night time dive (I think it's $100 and you need at least 4 people to sign up for the dive.) but from what I understand you only go down 30' so you don't need your OW certification for it.
    So you only need the resort certification for this? I thought I asked last year, and they said OW cert was needed to do it.

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    My boyfriend and I are going to CSS in 12 days. We are both NAUI scuba certified. I've been certified since 2013 and my boyfriend this past summer. The thing is, I have dove in over 2 years. Are there refreshers to help me out? I render everything but I wanna be comfortable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by calgontakemeaway View Post
    My husband and I did both our OW and AOW certifications at Couples after trying out the resort dive. We were both immediately hooked!
    how to get it...can you explain me...i need one

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    Go to the dive shop on day 1 and tell them you want to get certified. They'll give you the price and schedule. I think it's only like $350 per person.

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    Last September, my wife and I had the pleasure of diving with the crew at Swept Away. Does anybody know if Craig, Cooper, Christopher, and Anthony are still there. Just wondering who might be there this September. Sure do like that BIG Newton dive boat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Duderino View Post
    So you only need the resort certification for this? I thought I asked last year, and they said OW cert was needed to do it.
    The "resort dive", or what PADI calls the Discover Scuba Dive, does not require a certification, and typically costs $90-$100 if you do it anywhere else. At Couples, you can do it once per visit for free, but if you want to do it more than once per trip, they charge for additional dives. The best bet is to get the Open Water cert there, because it is way cheaper than at home and they make it much quicker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by popup40 View Post
    Which Couples resort has the best diving instructors in your opinion?

    We have done over 4 dozen dives at CN and, in our opinion, they are the best dive team in the Caribbean.

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    Just back from CN. The guys took great care of my wife and I. Even had the awesome luck of having a pod of dolphins swim with us. Susan is now hooked and loves diving

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