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    Default CSA trade place to CN for night entertainment

    We are staying Sat-Mon night. After researching, we realize we will miss steel drums, bonfire and beach party. What nights does CN do these or similar activities? Can you trade places at night for these events?

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    No, you can't. Trading places is from 10am to 4pm only.
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    I'm pretty sure that you can only trade place during the day, the bus runs MWF 10-4ish I believe.

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    Trading Places is done on M-W-F 10am-4pm.

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    You can purchase a day pass but aren't sure what time that turns into a pumpkin...whether it includes evening events. Probably best to contact Couples directly via phone or e-mail to find out.

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    Thanks all. I should have looked up CN social schedule on-line before posting. It doesnt look like the activites are offered there on the days we are visiting anyways.

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    Maybe you can take a cab at your own expense there and back, but I'm not sure if Couples would allow that or not?
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