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    Default Schedules once at CN

    I've seen the sample daily schedules on the Couples website but was wondering how these things are posted at the resorts? Do you get one for the week when you arrive? Is a daily itinerary of activities slipped under your door in the wee hours? Are they simply posted somewhere? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Also, is there one place to see what special items the different restaurants are having each night? I'd like to be able to plan ahead if I know, for example, that the buffet is having a theme night that interests me.

    2.5 more days!!!!

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    We're getting to CN for the first time this Sunday and I've been curious about this as well!

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    there will be a schedule of events in your room when you arrive. The restaurants post their menus for the day right outside of Cassava. So when you go to eat breakfast you can look at the menus for the day and plan accordingly.

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    There're boards with the daily activity schedules on them in the Cassava Terrace and the Beach Grill (and perhaps elsewhere, but those are the ones I remember!). KellyNEddie's right in that the menus are right outside the Cassava Terrace (in the the little hallway on the way to the bathrooms and newsstand), and you'll also find each specific restaurant's menu outside the entrance to each. Which is useful if you're like me and, when wandering past Lychee on the way back to your room, you're wondering what's for dinner!

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    I guarantee you if you get into the JA groove you will ignore the schedules and just go with the moment at hand. I can tell you one day we waited all day for the catamarin cruise and sat even looking at the bay and almost missed it because we just be chillin! Now we find ourselves doing absolutely no activities other than someone getting up and going to the bar for a refill. Please don't schedule your trip - you will have a much better time if you do not.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    Thank you so much! Deanna - see you this weekend! LOL

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    Thanks for the info! Can't wait after all of the good things I've seen posted on here. See you there Kristi!

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