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    We used club mobay in November at thanksgiving on a Saturday to Saturday trip. We laughed on the arrival because it just happened to be the shortest line we have ever seen in 10 trips. We chalked it up to an experience.

    Then on the way home, we got an eye opener. We had booked the combo arrival/departure because on the trip prior the lines had been so bad we were nervous about making our flights. This time we were in line at the airline counter forever due to some flight delays. We ended up being delayed about 6 hours. Let me tell you how grateful we were for club mobay then! My fiancé was pretty happy with me for booking mobay. We would do it again.

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    I just checked the schedule of arrivals for today. Our Monday flight in October is scheduled to arrive at 1:00 pm. I gave 1/2 leeway on either side. In addition to our flight, there are NINE other flights scheduled to arrive between 12:30 and 1:30. I'm thinking MoBay was a solid investment!

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    Something to consider if you plan to use Club Mobay on departure, book early! Despite not booking or needing it on arrival, we thought we would go for it on departure. We decided to book it on Saturday morning right before we left but it was sold out for our time. We thought that didn't bode well for our wait to get through security but even though the line was long and spilling out of the immigration area, we got through in about 20 minutes. We ended up at Margaritaville instead of Club Mobay so it wasn't too bad.

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    Here is our experience coming and going. After much consideration we did not buy the Club Mobay service and it worked out great for us.
    We arrived at MBJ at 12:49 on Saturday May 3rd. Form touchdown to in the shuttle pulling out of MBJ and heading to CSA was 35 minutes and that is with parking at gate 19 (farthest gate from immigration) and a bathroom stop before immigration.
    A couple that we met at CSA was on an earlier flight the same day and they said they waited about 1 1/2 hours at immigration.

    Back to MBJ on the 10th. Left CSA at about 8:15 for a 12:45 flight. Great trip through the Jamaican countryside. What a beautiful place. Minimal wait to check a bag at the Delta counter, fast and easy through security. Very well organized security. My wife did have her carryon bag spot checked. Still had about 2 hours to wonder around MBJ.

    There was no need for Club Mobay for us, but maybe we just got lucky.

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    Arrived yesterday, Sunday, at roughly noon, with a few other flights, and we were through customs with our bags and to the Couples Lounge once again in under 40 minutes. Woo hoo!

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    This is what I don't understand. If I purchase Club Mobay and get thru the lines quickly, don't I still have to wait for all the other passengers that are standing in line to get on the bus to CSA anyway? Or are there buses continually coming and going?

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    Buses are small and only hold about 10-14 or so guests max. Because of that they depart continually as they get enough guests. If you get to the lounge 20-30 mins before the other passengers on your plane, you may very well be on the road before they get to the lounge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peaches0422 View Post
    This is what I don't understand. If I purchase Club Mobay and get thru the lines quickly, don't I still have to wait for all the other passengers that are standing in line to get on the bus to CSA anyway? Or are there buses continually coming and going?
    Yes, you will have to wait for the next bus going to whichever Couples Resort you booked. You will rarely wait more than 15 or 20 minutes. All Club Mobay will do is get you through Immigration and Customs, if there's a long wait.
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    Peaches0422 - You won't necessarily have to wait...

    I let Couples know via email and in precheckin that we would be using Club Mobay and that we might get through the lines quite a bit ahead of others on my plane that were also going to Couples so they would be able to accommodate us with an earlier shuttle if possible. It worked for us. We did wind up getting to the Couples and Club Mobay lounges quickly and we wound up as the only couple on our shuttle. The other couples we knew that did not do Club Mobay arrived some time later than us and they said they wish they had known about Club Mobay. They would have done it to skip the lines and get to the resort a bit quicker.

    As usual, your mileage may very but that is what worked for us.

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    What’s the magic number (30 min before and after your flight) to start seriously thinking about investing in Mobay?

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    We are heading home in October and the day we arrive 4 planes land within a25 minute span of each other...we went ahead and booked Club MoBay just in case I would rather spend the extra money than waste precious beach time

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    Here's my experience on how airport transportation works.

    Guests arrive on many different flights throughout the day. Unless your flight is delayed well into the night (as our second trip was) you will be sharing a ride to the resort. You will possibly be waiting 30 mins or longer in the lounge for your fellow riders, or you may be the ones your fellow riders are waiting for. 3 of 4 visits, we've walked right through the airport inbound. Wait time in the lounge was 15 to 45 mins. While we haven't used Mobay for inbound, I imagine Couples will build in time for you and your fellow riders to get through the airport. Getting through the airport more quickly than others will get you to the lounge quicker, but you still may have to wait for those who didn't use Mobay, so its not likely going to get you to the resort faster.

    Outbound - same concept. You share rides with others who have flights leaving around the same time. Couples again leaves plenty of time for traffic and getting through airport lines. We have questioned why we were leaving 4 to 5 hrs hrs prior to our flight, and we were told once we could wait for the next shuttle 1.5 hrs later, but we could miss our flight. Other times we were not given a choice - it depends on when they have shuttles booked for transport and who else is going. We did use Club Mobay going back the last trip, since we had time to kill in the airport, but I would not recommend purchasing Mobay so you can stay at Couples an extra hour. Not worth the risk. As far as getting through the lines faster - there was no line our last trip out, midweek (which is why we had so much free time).

    Would we get Club Mobay again? If traveling on the weekends, yes. Midweek, definitely not inbound, but the lounge was pretty nice outbound.

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