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    We have been to Couples Sans Souci once, Couples Negril many times and Couples Barbados once. My question is do they still serve Glenlivet single malt Scotch whisky in Negril? If so is it only served at certain places in the evening ? When we started going to Couples years ago it was served in all the bars any time. In the last few years it has been curtailed to certain bars in the evening.

    Does anybody know which Scotch you get if you order it for the mini bari n your room? I know for sure it is not a single malt but cannot remember which one it is.

    My only other comment is that we have found it strange that in Jamaica they do not serve Jamaican Ginger beer. My husband loves Rum and ginger beer. A Dark and Stormy they call it in Bermuda.

    We are coming back for another 2 weeks shortly and cannot wait to meet everybody again and enjoy the Hospitality, food and Scuba diving in this fantastic resort..

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    We were there for our third trip during March, and much to my dismay,they had NO single malt during this stay. I spoke to the Bar Manager, and she apologized and said she would ensure they would have some.... Never saw it. While I was able to get Jameson's Irish. I never saw a dram of Single Malt during our 12 days.
    When we return, i will ensure I adress this on our first night, and not let up until some of that lovely liquid is slowly swirling in a glass in front of me.
    The room bar scotch is... yuck! Don't even bother ordering. I made that mistake our first year.
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    I also hope that CN has Glen Livet. We are visiting CN for our 1st time in 39 days It's my husband's favorite and would make him very happy. I know they had it CTI but don't recall them having it at CSS when we were there in '09. Have a great trip!!

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    Thank you both for your comments. I was shocked that there was no Glelnlivet or Single Male during your stay. VERY disappointing. I do hope that the Bar Manager listened to you and there will be some when we arrive on June 1. Will not bother to order Whisky for the room.

    I was sure that there was Glenlivet at CSS when we were there a few years ago.

    If anybody is reading this who is there just now or has returned recently could update the Glenlivet status we would be very grateful.

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    Bobbyh, my husband Bill and I will also be there June 1st. He plans to ask for it and to request it if they don't already have it. Hopefully "Glen" will be there waiting! See you at CN!

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    I saw Glenlevit at CN, not certain which bar it was, in February. Or maybe that was at CSA in October.

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