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    Default Resort Credit for Day Pass

    Hello! We are headed back to CTI for a second time in a few short days! Our friends that we are traveling with have never been, but have received a resort credit with their booking. If we wanted to take advantage of the Romance Reward's Trading Places pass to visit San Souci for a few hours, could they use their credit to purchase a day pass and join us? Thanks in advance!

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    All they have to do is join Romance Rewards before you leave and they will be able to do the trading places.
    Have a great time.

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    You don't have to be a repeater to take part in the Trading Places program. If they sign up for Romance Rewards, they can trade places for free.
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    Here is the Trading Places Rules cut and pasted:
    First Love [0-5 Nights Previously Stayed]
    Trading Places Pass for one day / exchange (10am- 4pm) with a Couples Resort in the same town, subject to availability, reservation required 24 hours in advance. (10am- 4pm)

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    There were some people we met at CTI that we're not Romance Rewards members or repeaters and they simply asked at guest services for the day transfer and it was no problem mon.

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