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    Default It's down to the wire.

    With all the hoopla, excitement and anticipation of our impending trip, the realization that we are actually going in less than four days, becomes marvelously clear. And along with that bit of enlightenment there begins the calm before the, “jumpingupanddownhystericalyhappy” time. We’ve all been there. First time or many times, the thrill doesn’t diminish. If anything, each return visit only goes to strengthen our convictions that we are still very satisfied with what we experience each time we are there.

    So now over the course of the next few days, all the planning and time and energy, and of course the $$$, along with all the built up emotions of anticipation, excitement, and more, will now be neatly contained within all of our luggage. Our job here is done.
    Everything will remained bottled up inside of us and each bag, until we get to our room. Then, with child like enjoyment, not to mention the jumping up and down, the hugging, the laughing, we unzip each container and go about dispersing everything. Bathroom items, shoes, clothes, gifts, and on it goes until, the suitcases are empty and put in the closet. All the “island stuff” piled high in the corner near the bathroom. Gift stuff stored in the closet until it is needed. It is the most magnificent déjà vu. And as we stand there with tears of joy trickling down our cheeks, we think about all the rest of, not only the Amigos, but all the couples that we know that are going through the same great moments as we are. Or at least they will be very soon. It is such a treasured and soothing moment.

    The room is filled with sunlight and joy. A mild breeze whispers at the drapes near the door. It drifts on in to the room and the aroma is captivating. We have arrived. What ever went in to making this trip a reality, is far behind us. I will gladly do it all again. And we will next year.

    For now, it’s still only 4 days until the fuse is lit. We’ve waited many more days than that. And because we have already endured all of those days, there is a calm reassurance in my spirit. We will prevail.

    The long wait is over. We are, once again, ready to strap ourselves in for another fantastic adventure. Have a great time everyone.

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    I hear ya Mr. Crabracer! Today we made final payment and I was doing a little happy jig knowing that it's not far away! After 14 times to CSA staying in the same room category you wouldn't think I would be this excited but I am. Can't wait for those faces we know so well with hugs and a "Welcome Home". Enjoy your trip home and save some rum for me!

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