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    Default Are the bananas back?!?!

    Last year we did a split trip at CTI and CSA in April for our anniversary. We were surprised to hear there was a banana blight of some sort and thusly a shortage of this wonderful blendable fruit! Our drinks were made with Crème de Banana Liquor instead of the real thing and my BBC, Dirty Banana, and Hummingbird drinks were just not the same. Is this still a problem?

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    Good grief I hope not. We were at CTI at the end of April last year and I was so sad at the lack of the delicious fruit. My hummingbirds were such a disappointment. I'm heading back in 2 weeks. I'm hoping I don't need to smuggle any in!

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    Oh my! Don't even joke about smuggling bananas, that is one way the blight is spread. There is a world wide crisis in banana production. There is a terrible blight that is devastating the Cavendish variety of banana, the most common commercially grown banana. It has hit many of the banana exporting countries of the world and is threatening Central and South America, the largest banana exporting region on earth. There are agricultural scientists working on GMO versions of bananas as well as attempts at producing new varieties that are resistant to the blight. This is really getting serious and the economic fallout could be disastrous for banana plantations and the various countries that depend on them economically. Not to mention our tropical drink concoctions.

    Do a Google search for banana blight, scary stuff.

    This does not answer your question though. Hopefully Couples has a dependable supplier of bananas for this year. We will find out first hand in a couple of months.
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    Banana daiquiris (with the requisite dark rum floater) and banana French toast at breakfast in CTI a few days ago.

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    I was at CN in March and there were plenty of bananas. I'd never had a Jamaican banana before and oh wow they were amazing. Enjoy!!!

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    Of course I was kidding. And I just knew when I typed that someone would think I was serious. Not serious. For real.

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