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    Default Same recurring dream about CSA?

    Does anyone else have dreams that they went to the resort and forgot to go to the beach until the last day or forgot to make reservations for the restaurants? I have these about once a month.
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    We're divers so both of us have dreams that we forget to dive or sign up for dives at CN and CSS!

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    I did a few weeks ago. Dreamed that it was Thursday with a Saturday departure and we had effectively 'napped' through 80% of the trip missing our dives, massages, 3/4 of the restaurants, water skiing and kayaking.

    ...Cold sweat when waking.

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    Yes! OMG, that's so funny. Just the other night I had a dream that I had been there for four days and hadn't been in the ocean yet but when I went, the water was terribly rough and huge waves were crashing all the way up to the sidewalk. WTH?!

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