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    Default Jonesing for SweptAway

    Normally, we would be finalizing our packing and counting down 1 or 2 sleeps to SweptAway. But due to family obligations, its just not to be this year, and believe me, it hurts! However, our dear friends Larry & Marie H. and Cornell & Lisa P. will be making our annual assault on Seven Mile Beach and enjoying all that is SweptAway... the "Six Pack" will be light by two this year. If you do see them 'pon d'beach, be sure to say hi, and make sure that they are training the beach bar staff on preparation of "Almond Joys".

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    So sorry, Chris! I feel your pain as we too were due to leave Easter Monday for CTI and CSS. Unfortunately, we had to cancel as I had to undergo an emergency appendectomy that was really bad (had to remove some bowel also) and it just breaks my heart to get so close to going home and having it yanked away. At least I'm still here to tell the tale, eh?! lol We will be back but not until December this year. Another 7 months to wait, but I just reset the countdown clock on my iphone so let the anticipation begin again!
    I hope all works out with your obligations. Thoughts are with you.

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    We're gonna miss you guys this year. We are packed & ready to rock!

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