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    Default Superior Ocean View Room

    Hello! First timer at CTI upcoming May 15-22. We booked through Orbitz, and picked the Superior Ocean View. Just a quick question, anyone know what building is best to stay in for this type of room? Just want to make sure we have a gorgeous view of the ocean (Island or not), and want to be able to request it for pre check in. Thanks for all your help!

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    Superior might be in building 5, not the best ocean view depending upon location of the room, look a the layout of the buildings, building is aligned differently than 1-4. There might be some superior rooms in building 1 but some of those rooms are blocked a bit by vegetation.

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    My husband and I stayed in the Superior Ovean View and were a little bit dissapointed with the view. It was in building 5 and most of our view was the side of the resort, another properties jacuzzi, and a small corner of ocean. It was also a long walk to Pool, food and fun. Try and upgrade if the view is what your looking for.

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    We were in building 5 and I was very happy with my view but we were on the top floor in middle. No complains from us. It was quiet from others and the walks never bothered us at all.

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    was in building 5 as well on the third floor had a nice view too.

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    Thanks you all for your advice! Much appreciated!

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