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    Default Casanova or Bella Vista

    Our first time to CSS will be in December. We love CSA's Feathers restaurant. My husband always orders the lion fish. We'll be arriving on Tuesday (Beach Party) and staying through Friday (Starlight Gala). With the Repeaters Dinner on Wednesday, we only have time for one reservation restaurant. By looking at the sample menus, we thought Casanova might be a good choice for us. I would appreciate recommendations. (We are both "foodies".) I would also like your opinions on the Repeaters Dinner. The last dinner at CSA had nine to a table and could barely fit all of them in Patois. Although the dinner was the best of our stay, we found it slightly uncomfortable in such a large noisy crowd. You couldn't hear the conversation across the table, and my husband and I are a bit shy. Was the Repeaters Dinner the best dinner of your stay? Thanks in advance for your opinions!

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    Casanova is their top restaurant and should not be missed. The repeaters dinner is a limited menu (one or two choices) but a chance to meet members of the management staff and hear the general manager speak about the resort as well as meet other returning guests. Each table will have a management staff member seated with you and I believe there is a cocktail hour before the meal. CSS is smaller that CSA so there are not as many people at the repeaters dinner but it will be similar to what you saw at CSA. A nice affair but not one I would miss the Casanova over. The general manger at CSS, Pierre Battaglia, is a wonderful man and would be glad to take time to speak with you one on one. Just make the request when you arrive and they can schedule something.

    We do love CSS as we were married there and visited 3 times. Probably the most romantic Couples.

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    We preferred Casanova to Bella Vista. While both were great, if we had to choose just one, it would be Casanova. As far as the Repeater's Dinner - the food was great. I really enjoyed learning about both the resort and the island from the staff member who sat at our table. Also, I really liked seeing all the different repeaters and hearing how many times they'd visited a Couples resort. The tables weren't crowded and the noise volume was not an issue. That being said, the event was too long. It was almost 3 hours. After a while both my husband and I were antsy and ready to leave. Hope this helps with your decisions and planning. Enjoy your vacation. Our 8 days at CSS were bliss.
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    100%... Casanova!!!

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    We had reservations at Casanova for two nights but cancelled the second to eat at Bella Vista instead. Our first night at Casanova it was hot and sweaty! The food was good, as was the service but neither were the equal of Otahiete at CN in our view. I'm not sure if Casanova is usually air conditioned, but it was not either time we tried to eat there so we cancelled the second time. We generally don't mind the heat, but it was a LOT more uncomfortable up at Casanova than it was down on the lower levels. Even a ceiling fan would have been helpful but none were anywhere close to us inside at Casanova. The glass French doors along the wall inside Casanove were all open to the area outside overlooking the Balloon Bar Terrance and it was just a lot hotter up there than down at Bella Vista. In addition, the piano player in the corner of the room at Casanova near us was great but it turned into a battle of the bands between him and the band playing right outside to open door as the show began. It just got very unpleasant. By contrast down at Bella Vista we had better food, friendlier service, and a cool breeze off the water just steps away. I am not saying to skip Casanova, but the night we were there it just didn't work for us. I would go again if I could be certain to get an outdoor table or if I knew they were going to turn the A/C on inside and close those doors. Bella Vista was so good we ate there three times and only once each at Pallazina and Casanova.
    All the restaurants are quite good overall though.
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    We have been to CSS many times
    Casanova is our favorite
    We like to get a late seating (8-8:30)
    We sit outside under the stars which is very romantic
    I find the food to be excellent. The lamb is great
    When repeaters and lobster days were different, we would always get lobster there and it was amazing
    I like the later seating because you can hear/watch the beginning of the evening's entertainment "Showtime"

    As for Bella vista
    It is also very good. It is very romantic to sit right on the beach and listen to the tree frogs with the waves lapping at the beach
    From my standpoint the food is just a slight step down from Casanova but still great

    If I had to choose one it would be Casanova

    Have a great time


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    Casanova for sure! Best food for foodies. Been to CSS nine times.
    keep in mind that Bella Vista does not accept reservations, so you may need to dine early if you want to be seated under the stars.

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    Having stayed at CSS 4 times, I would definitely recommend skipping the Repeaters Dinner, and doing a night at each. They will serve a Lobster dish at the restaurant on Wednesday night anyway, so enjoy them both. Each is fabulous!! We always eat at one or the other, and never go to the Pallazini.

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