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    Default Who to Tip?

    I know to tip the baggage handlers but who else requires one? I've heard the spa but where do you leave the money? What about the Mobay people?
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    Your drivers, cat cruise and off site guides. You can give tips to spa staff.

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    Yes you tip the Club Mobay representative that greets you and gets you through Immigration, helps with your luggage, and gets you to the Couples Lounge. We tipped our representative $10.00. Have a great trip!!!

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    No one on resort but spa treatment providers, and give it directly to them.

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    I have tipped at the spa a couple of ways over the years; depending on the situation. After I dress, if I see or run into the person who actually gave me the massage, I give the money directly to them. There have been times when I don't see them afterwards. In this case, I leave the tip with the receptionist at the front desk.

    What "Mobay people" are you referring about? The Couples Lounge employees? If so, no need to tip them. They are Couples employees; not contractors.
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    Mobay as in Club Mobay. I didn't know if you had one person particular the whole time that you needed to tip or if there were several you encountered which would probably keep me from having to tip.

    We have never tipped on the cat cruise because it was never mentioned and we didn't even bring money with us. Same with the spa. You're told not to tip on site so who would ever know they don't work for couples.

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    The main rule is not to tip Couples employees. Those people you encounter that are not Couples employees but actually sub contractors are airport baggage handlers, drivers to and from the airport or tours, spa workers, and catamaran operators except at CTI where Couples has their own boat and it is run by their employees. (At least last year) You can bring items for the staff, such as housekeepers, etc to give as gifts. Some bring candy (wrapped is best and remember that chocolate melts) and others bring school supplies for their children. You will have to leave a signed note stating your name, room number, and the employee you are leaving it for so they can take it off site. Other than all this just kick back and problem mon.

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    If at a resort that offers a Cat cruise, you should tip the crew of the boat

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    When at CT I in July, it was a contracted group doing the cat cruise.

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    If the CTI catamaran crew are contracted non Couples employees then they should be tipped. When we were there last April (2013) they were Couples employees as Couples had bought the boat not contracted it out. I guess that may have changed? Anyone else on this?

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    We were there in April of 13 and August. In April the couples cat was down for repairs, we were shuttled to the marina to board cool running's. We tipped that crew. In August the watersports guys ran the Couples Cat. No Tipping.

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    You can bring token items as tips for those who made your stay memorable. I.e we brought maple syrup from our Blue Mountain here in Maine. Fill out a statement for security and you can give items as gifts.

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    Tip the baggage handlers at the airport, the shuttle driver, your personal Club Mobay rep and the bartender in the Club Mobay arrival lounge, tip the catamaran crew (at CN its a charter and they have a tip jar on the bar), definitely tip for the spa services, and any other bus/shuttle driver for excursions and non-couples excursion guides, i.e. the dunns river falls guys, etc.

    We also wanted to tip at the Club Mobay VIP Departure lounge but there was no "tip jar" and our server was so fast she took off before we could. We had to go a couldn't find her.

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    We used only the arrival service for Club MoBay. We had one person taking care of us the whole time and she was so sweet and helpful. I did tip her - $5, but afterwards I felt I should have tipped $10.

    We tipped our driver from the airport to resort $10 each way.

    I tipped the girl who did my massage 20% of what the service was, even though I used my resort credit to pay for the service. This is the amount I tip for spa/salon services at home. I looked on the website at the price list for the massage I was getting in advance so I'd know how much to tip. After she was done with my massage she left so that I could change. When I exited the room she was in the outer area and I gave her the tip then. I think you could also go back to the main check in desk and ask them to pass it along to whomever provided your service.

    I tipped the baggage handlers at the airport $5 for 3 bags (yes, I know I pack too much!)

    I tipped the driver who took us to and from Dunn's $5.

    I tipped the guides at Dunn's $10. I did not tip the video guy because we did not purchase a video. One note about this - I had planned my cash and denominations ahead of time and when we went on the Dunn's trip, I only brought enough cash for the tipping I planned to do. I brought a $10 bill for the guide. We had 2 guide's and I only had the one $10 bill. So I just gave the tip to the gentleman who happened to be standing nearer to us when we bot back on the bus.

    Have a wonderful trip!
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