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    Hoping to find some help from some technical person. I have a go pro and am planning on setting it up several times to capture time lapse footage of not only sunsets but of us hanging out at the pool bar or snorkeling or whatever else comes up. My question is do you buy several memory cards to store all the photos or is there a way to say store them on an external hard drive or should I bring my lap top and put them on there. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    We did time lapse last year with our GoPro, they turned out amazing. We brought our laptop and took an external hard drive. The pics and videos from the GoPro are very large and you will need lots of space. Enjoy your trip! 45 more days til our 4th trip to CSA! Jamaica soon come

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    Yeah I knew they were large files. Any tips or suggestions on placement and or settings for the go pro. Like how many pictures per minute. This is out 4th time as well! Cannot wait to get back.

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    We did a few different shots. We stayed in a Great House Jacuzzi Suite, so we were up above patios. We sat the camera on the rail of the balcony. We were able to get a time lapse of the sun setting as well as a time lapse of the pool bar. That one was really neat. We had the camera set to take 1 pic every 5 seconds. If you do it every 2 seconds it will be a better time lapse but will take up a lot more space on the card. We also chose 7mp over the 12mp as it would also save space and you are able to let it run longer. The quality was still wonderful and we got some great videos. I hope this helps.

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    Yes that helps a ton. I have been playing around with it so I can get a better feel. I have a mount that bends so I am hoping to attach it to one of the bars or while at dinner or during one of the shows. My thought is I don't want to be snapping photos all the time and don't want to be videoing everything so this will be easier and hopefully catch some of the reasons we keep returning to couples. Thanks again for your help.

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