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    Default Airlink flright frmom MBJ to Ocho Rios/CSS

    Has anyone taken the Airlink flight from the Montego Bay airport to CSS? If yes, did you have to fly through Negril to get there? Also, how long did it take? Seriously considering this since we arrive the day before Easter and I'm betting traffic is going to be bad. We've waited long enough through this winter to get back home!!!
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    TimAir was much more expensive to Ochi than Negril. We met some friends there 5 years ago and they took TimAir to Ochi but it was a good drive (45 min) for them to our resort (Braco) which is not in Ochi but close.

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    We took the airlink flight in December. It only takes about 30 minutes once you are in the air. It was a good experience but one we will not do again. When we arrived at the airlink desk we were told that our plane was on its way back from negril and would be there in about 15 minutes. About 30 minutes later it arrived. Then we had to be loaded. When we arrived in ocho we were transported to sans souci about 10 minutes away. So in all from the time we cleared customs until we arrived at sans souci was about 90 minutes. Those who took ground transportation arrived about 30 minutes later. We can't justify the cost for the small amount of difference in arrival time.
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    We used to fly Airlink from MBJ to Ocho Rios but it has become, to me, prohibitively expensive. It was a great trip and did not go by way of Negril. By the time you transfer to the other part of the terminal (by shuttle bus), go through security, make the 20 minute or so trip and wait for Couples to pick you up at the air strip for the brief ride to the resort, it still takes a good hour or hour and a half. We have also waited 45 minutes at the air strip going one way or the other. The last time we did it, we were the only two passengers from MBJ to Ocho and had 3 or 4 other passengers on the return trip. The round trip cost for the two of us was over $650 US. The bus ride is about 1:45 and really isn't bad.

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