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    Default March maniacs 2015

    ya mon , just booked sunday march 8 - 15. just got back but now can plan for next year, will see you all soon, wayne and jan

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    We are in as well... Booked Sunday March 1st to Wed March 11th... it will be good to hook up with our friends Wayne and Jan... now just hoping the Charters line up...

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    ya mon, well robin, looks like we are the only 2 couples showing up, need the charters to come out though, our dates should be march 8 - 18, 10 days

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    Wayne... fine by me if we are the only 2 couples at CSA... more beef patties and jerk for us...

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    Just booked for 2015!!!! March 20 thru March 27. Excited to return after missing 2014. Returning to CN for the third time. Hopefully meet up with some we have met there before. Long count down begins but just thinking of laying on the special beach for a week will get us thru the wait.

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    ya mon, welcome back to Negril mon, being at swept away you will be just be up the beach from us at couples Negril, counting the days, waynef

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    well, the fun jet charters are out in Milwaukee, Saturday march 7 to Tuesday march 17 , flying south west down and taking frontier back, so the dates are a little different but every thing is good, now robin, you need to sign up for February

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    We finally have our dates set. March 7th thru the 17.

    Daughter #1 is pregnant again and the baby is due the first of February. Daughter #2 is getting married the end of November. One and only son will be playing hockey one more year at FGCU.

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    ya mon yazmon, good to hear you will be back..... wayne and jan

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    Update on our dates due to the Charters being changed... now coming down 1 day earlier Saturday, Feb 28th to Tuesday, March 10... so excited that this year Joe and I will bump into our Martini bar buddies, Wayne and Jan and Scott and Suzanne... can't wait...

    32 more FF's...

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    Have finally confirmed our dates. With last year working around weddings this it's babies. Mar 2-12. Looking so forward to our return.

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    ya mon brennie, maybe we could all meet for drinks at the martini bar ??

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    Sounds like a plan. Feel cheated with our summer up here in Ontario so even though it's August so looking forward to Jamaican sunshine in March.

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    My husband and I are going in March 7 - 14th 2015 for our 10 year anniversary! We went to Couples Negril for our honeymoon and decided then we would be back for our 10 year and decided to change it up a bit and try CSA. From what I can tell its a much larger property, any other things we should know?

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    ya mon yes couples Negril is a smaller property, but at swept away, the beach is really good, the staff and the food is exceptional, no worries about swept away, enjoy and relax, you will meet a lot of new friends here, wayne

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    Escaping the UK to come home to CSA 22 - 27 March... hoping to meet up with some of you lovely people! Will be playing a bit of tennis, making yet another basket (for those who haven't, it is fun!), and definitely having some sunset cocktails before dinner. Who wants to join us?? B-)

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    Airfare is booked. I still need to book Club MoBay. I think that we will take the shuttle to CSA and then fly TimAir back. I hate the good by bus!!!

    EFF with the crew tonight. It looks like Callahan's will not be making the trip this year. Their daughter is due with twins on March 17th. Every Irishman's dream--have your kids or grand kids born on St. Patty's Day~~!!

    Soon come.

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    ya mon, just back from a quick week in November at swept away, beach was huge, lots of sand and still no jet skis! food was great of course and the resort was really full compared to other November trips, the mastercraft ski boat was back in the water to the delight of the water skiers, it was a really good trip so looking forward to the march trip and to return home, make sure you take you deet bug spray, blessings

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    Lucky you to sneak in a week in Nov. Glad to hear all is well at CSA. We too are looking forward to our Mar. visit.

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    ya mon, things seem to be too quiet on this thread. only 2 months to go for some, but march will soon be here and once again we all get to go home, don't forget to plan on taking a little some thing for the employees, they appreciate our generosity!,

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    Hi yall! First time to couples swept away, march 7-11, then off to the cliffs. So excited. Want to bring things for the staff and kids and have been reading differant ways to do this. Have never been to a resort where you didnt tip. Some say do , some say dont, some say bring chocolate? Wanted to bring some school supplies. Any ideas what i should bring. We dont have a lot but anyone that can afford couples, should bring or do something extra

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    ya mon laura, school supplies such as paper, pencils, crayons and folders, bath and body gels and shampoos are always thankful for, even aspirin and ibuprofen is welcome,

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    We are at CSA March 13-20. Two years ago we went to CSS. Love Couples and decided to try a new location. I was at Swept Away 22 years ago when it wasn't a Couples resort and was half the size. We love Jamaica and are counting down the days.

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    ya mon nancy and todd welcome back, we were there when swept away first opened and still prefer the old side, things have changed but I think it still has the vibe only a little bit different since it is bigger,, this trip will make 41 times for jan and I, we will be there form the 7 - 17 so maybe we will bump into you

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    Wayne- thanks. And who or how do we distribute these?

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