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    Default Mint for Mojitos at CTI

    My husband and I were at CSS in May 2012 and were bummed that they didn't have any fresh mint for mojitos. We'll be at CTI May 2014 and are hoping that they have mint, if not we might have to bring our own. Can anyone who has been there recently or will be there soon let me know? Thanks!

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    We just got back from CTI and I asked at the main pool bar - no mint. I didn't get a chance to ask at the Piano Bar. Sometimes they have stuff there that is not at the other bars.

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    One time when we were at CSS we met a couple that purchased mint at the grocery store on their way to the airport and packed it in their checked luggage just to make sure they had mint for mojitos! They kept it refrigerated in their minibar and brought it to the pool bar for most of the week!

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    When we were at CSS in March 2013, I asked about mojitos at the beach grill one of our first days there. They did not have any mint. However, this was simply because they ran out for the day. The next day, I went there earlier, and asked, and they had plenty of mint, and i was able to enjoy a nice refreshing mojito! The same thing happens with bananas too. They only have a certain amount of bananas each day. When that supply is gone, they start making dirty bananas and other drinks with banana liquer instead. I am hoping they do still have mint as well.
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