We are visiting CSS from the UK in May, having stayed at CTI in March 2013. In the UK the Couples website is a UK Internet Domain address (http://www.couplesresorts.co.uk/) and it is impossible to access the www.couples.com site. We want to enquire about Private Dining on the Beach or at the Wedding Gazebo. The website states to contact the Romance Concierge in advance about the Private Dining. However when looking on the 'Contact Us' page there is only an email address for UK sales. Do any of you good people have an email address for CSS Romance Concierge, or any direct addresses for CSS? I did contact the UK sales by email and they forwarded my request on to Guest_Relations@sanssoucijamaica.com, but I have had no reply and having tried to use this address to send my request direct, I am getting messages back saying my message cannot be delivered.

Thanks in advance.