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    Default First time at CSA shuttle and shoe question

    My husband and I will be at CSA in just 12 days for our honeymoon! We are so excited. This will be our first trip to Jamaica.

    Question 1: does the shuttle from the airport run at regular intervals? if our flight is arriving to the airport around 12:30, how long will we likely have to wait before getting on the shuttle to head to CSA?

    Question 2: I know that Feathers has a dress code and ladies can't wear flip flops. Is it safe to assume that Jack Rogers sandals aren't considered flip flops?

    Thanks everyone!
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    From what I can tell, the average wait time for the shuttle is about 20-30 minutes. If you're wearing a dressy sandal, you should be fine at Feathers, just don't wear the $5 old navy plastic flippies that you would wear on the beach.

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    The shuttle goes when there is a group of guests - sometimes just 4 people, others a dozen or more. The folks that run the Couples lounge at the airport have a list of who's coming and on what flights. Rarely will you wait more than 30 minutes and quite often it will be less than 10 minutes.

    Not that I know anything about women's shoes, but I did a Yahoo search for Jack Rogers sandals and, after looking at several images, can tell you that those are fine for Feathers.
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    I don't have a clue what Jack Rodgers are but for ladies, just wear some strappy sandals, something you'd wear out on a nice date at home. Nothing beachy. I wear a skirt and top and sandals and I bought a new sundress for this trip in 7 days (hippee!).
    The shuttle is scheduled depending on flights. We've never had to wait more than 20 minutes or so for the bus. Bring shorts and flipflops to change into, use the biffy and grab a beer. Your vaca has begun!
    Congrats, have a blast! I'm excited for you

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    Congrats to you and your husband!

    When we arrived in February we were at the couples lounge for approximately 20 minutes before our shuttle left for CSA. Enough time for my husband to change into shorts and each of us to have our 1st red stripe.

    Not familiar with the shoes, so I will leave that for someone else.

    Have fun!

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    Thank you, everyone! 20 -30 minutes sounds like the perfect amount of time to get changed into shorts, grab a cold Red Stripe, and start the vacation!!

    I edited the original question to include a picture of the sandals I referenced.

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    As a first timer, you are in for a most wonderful experience (and the same is true if it is your 25th time). We have been to couples 15 times (all four) and will be going to CSS in 9 days. I can't recall a time that we waited more than 20 minutes, usually about 15. You actually want a little time so that you can get a refreshment (Red Stripe), use the rest room, and/or possibility change into shorts.

    You are going to love the beach, the comfortable room set-ups, the food and drinks, and especially the people -- it is all good. Have a most memorable holiday.

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    Those sandals are fine, have fun!! 4 days for us yippee!

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    Just to clarify the sandals question for you, Couples changed the dress code for it's better restaurants a year ago to allow even men to wear dress sandals. I still prefer to wear shoes as this is a top restaurant at a top resort but this is now allowed. The flip flops that are not allowed for men or women are the cheap rubber kind. The ones you pictured were always allowed for women.

    Here is a cut and paste of the actual dress code for Feathers:
    Dress: Elegant casual. Shirts, slacks and closed-toe shoes or dress sandals for the gentlemen and summer dresses for the ladies. No flip flops, T-shirts, shorts, jeans, sneakers, or hats are allowed. Jacket is optional.

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