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    Default Help! How to convince my hubby...

    that we need to book our second trip! Haha... We honeymooned at csa this year, and I want to go back!

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    Other than the cost, I can't think of any reason not to go back. If you can afford it I would think your husband would be tickled to go back.
    Drop some hints, remind him of the beach and all the things that made it a great trip the first time.

    Makes a great anniversary trip! We are headed down for our 8th trip to CSA, our 34th anniversary, and I can't wait to get back home to Jamaica!
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    How did I convince my wife that we needed to book a second trip? Easy! I booked it without telling her, then surprised her with it by putting an extra slide in at the end of our slide show that we played at our wedding reception. That way she couldn't say no.

    I booked this coming trip, which will be our second, about 2 weeks after getting back from our first trip.
    Is this Love that I'm feelin'?

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    You now have the dreaded couples virus. Once you've gone you cant wait to go back and it haunts you daily. White sand, Warm sun, good food, great people, turquois water. Are you homesick yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetnessinthesand View Post
    How did I convince my wife that we needed to book a second trip? Easy! I booked it without telling her...
    That's what I did too. I booked long enough in advance that, with the "Love Away Plan", it'll be paid for a couple of months before we go. I even opened up a new checking account and diverted $100 a month from my paycheck to it and had Couples pull the money out of that new account. All in an attempt to try to keep it a secret until our anniversay when I planned to surprise her. Unfortunately, my wife is too smart. She noticed the decrease in my paycheck deposit and asked me about it. I had to come clean. Oh well, at least she didn't tell me to cancel the reservation! 606 days and slowly counting down.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    I'll second my good friend and fellow CSA repeater Dirtleg. This trip will be our 14th to CSA and each trip is better than the last. We often sit and talk about "Can't wait till we get to go to the Martini bar" or "Talking about the bonfire on the beach". Play some reggae and talk about all the wonderful things that you did.

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    We go every other year and I book without telling her and surprise her when it gets closer.

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    We were married at CSS and have been back to various Couples 8 times. We love CSA and that wonderful beach. I hope you signed up for the Romance Rewards program?!?! If not do it today as you will get extra perks for future visits and maybe that will help sell the deal to your husband. Check the bottom of the Couples site and click on the link for instructions. Prices change at various times of the year according to popularity and Couples offers a price guarantee that if a better deal comes along for your choice they will give it to you! Nice. No one does romantic all-inclusives like Couples. You can't just go one more time...irie.

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