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    Default Help!!!!Wedding at CTI August 2014!!!!!!

    Have picked our big day to be 8/26/14, curious if any other past or future brides have some helpful tips or ideas. Trying to plan this can be slightly stressful And I feel clueless!!!! Has anyone used/going to use the salon for hair and makeup?? How much did it cost and was it worry it??? Traveling with the dress???? Resort photographer/ which picture packages????? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    I am getting married at CSS on 6/9/14 I know the salons may have different pricing but its $60 for a bridal hairstyle, I believe makeup is $35-40. I've made my appointment for the salon but not sure if I'm going to use them or do it myself as I am a stylist, just depends on if I want to relax and have a drink wihle someone else pampers me or if I want to do hair As for traveling with your dress, I've heard from many that you can ask (very sweetly, blushing bride-ish lol) to hang it in the pilots closet at the front of the plane. My mother and step father travel multiple times a year to Jamaica and say they ALWAYS see dresses in garments bags hanging in the front of the plane. Worst part about that is having to carry it during a lay over. Thankfully we have a direct flight.

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    I was married at CTI last August and used the salon. I was very relaxed (probably too much so) and had very few restrictions about the style. I only wanted 1/2 up with loose waves/curls. I got a mani/pedi at home so I just needed a polish change for my fingers & toes plus makeup and hair. My appt for all of this was at 11 and I was running across the resort, late for my wedding at 2

    There was only one person to do all services and she was very irritated that the receptionist did not suggest/insist that my nails be done the day before so they would be dry and things would be less of a time crunch.

    I was pretty happy with my hair. It stayed in place even in the breeze for pictures and dinner that night. I didn't realize that because of the breeze and humidity that the soft look was not really an keep that in mind. I had a LOT of product in my hair. As for the makeup, my skin looked flawless and everything but the eyeliner was good....I ended up using my own eyeliner and applying it myself because my eyes just weren't popping the way I wanted them to with hers.

    My nails were amazing (French Polish with iridescent pale pink/pearl)! I highly suggest that you have your nails freshly painted before the wedding or get the gel polish at home before you leave because sand is hard on polish. I also suggest a glitter polish over your color on your toes because it holds up better to the sand and lasts way longer. I had a glitter pedi a week before the wedding and new glitter polish the morning of which lasted for a couple weeks after.

    There is a menu with pricing under "spa" on the tower isle page. I would definitely use these services again, I would just allow plenty of time, break it up if you can by having nails done the day before, and research some styles that will look great if the wind is blowing to take with you to the consultation. Being pampered the morning of your wedding is nice and necessary when your nerves are crazy. Just allow extra time and I suggest bringing your ideas as inspiration, but also being relaxed and trusting that they make beach brides gorgeous everyday and they know what they are doing!

    Photographers...I don't remember how much it cost. We bought a cd with 50 pictures so clearly we were pretty happy with them. We did do a sunset shoot a few nights before just to give the photographers a trial run...the pricing for those pics (non wedding related) are much more reasonable. I researched some of the other area photographers and considered using one because you get all of the pictures taken so the value is good...however she wanted cash up front and was going to mail the disk of images after we were home...I didn't feel comfortable with handing over $1700 to someone and hoping the disk of pictures was delivered. So for peace of mind we went with the resort photographers and left with the disk and our free 8x10 in hand. We decided that since the non-wedding pics are so much cheaper, we would schedule 2 session (free) and buy a lot of those we are not in our wedding attire, but they are still gorgeous! We were able to wait until the next to last day and go through all of the pics taken and we chose a package with 50 images on cd + a framed 8x10 (silver couples logo frame). So we ended up with 100 total pictures, 2 prints and a frame. We wouldn't change a thing. If you want exact pricing, email your wedding coordinator. I had a list of wedding packages weeks before so we could talk about it. For the regular photos, the photo shop will have a lot of options/packages which get cheaper per image the more you buy.

    Glad to answer any other questions....we are headed back in 78 days!

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