So, I'm a photographer who came across this while checking the sunset times for my area. Thought it would be cool to find out when the sun rises & sets when we're in Negril, too. I figured some of you might like to check it out, so you are sure to know what time to be on the beach and watch it, or if you are going for sunrise/sunset photos. Also, as a newbie in Negril a few years ago, I was quite surprised at how early sunset came.

To use:

1. Go to & use the map to find Jamaica, then zoom in and click on the city you'll visit.

2. Scroll down, and in the map area, you'll see a bar where you can click "Set Time Zone". Click it & set the time zone to "GMT-05:00 - Eastern Time (US & Canada)

3. On the right side of your screen, it will tell you the info for today. However, right below the sunset time, there is a PDF button and it says "2014 sunrise/sunset calendar". Click it and it opens up a printable PDF.