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    I dont go to couples to make sure that I get a T-shirt. I go to relax.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackieMRP View Post
    They've said various things over the last few years, but this is the most recent design that I know of (ours from 08/2013 were the same). And, they are just a generic t-shirt now, nothing that indicates which Couples resort you are staying at when you receive the t-shirts.

    08/2012 & 08/2013 Front:

    08/2012 & 08/2013Front close up:

    08/2012 & 08/2013 Back close up:

    08/2011 front:

    08/2011 back:

    05/2010 front:

    05/2010 back:

    08/20009 front:

    08/2009 back:
    I am not going to complain about a free t-shirt. However, I will say that I have only worn my Couples shirt from 2013 twice, and both times were as an undershirt while in my business suit. The 2009 design looks MUCH better, and if Couples switched back to a design like that, I would be MUCH more likely to wear it in public, giving them the free advertising I am sure the shirts are intended for.
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    I love my repeater tees....have a few now after so many visits, some I like more than others. Fridays at work are our casual day so I wear mine to represent Couples, nice to talk about what I love when talking with clients.

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    You can easily modify the crew neck, which I don't like either, to a more comfortable fit! Can't wait to come back home!

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    Just got to CSA today. Same white vneck with tiny logo on front and Many Happy Returns on back, but unless I'm imagining things, the quality is a smidge better than last year.

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    We haven't been for almost 5 years, so we don't qualify for romance reward nights from our last stay. I wonder if we will have a repeater tee?

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    Quote Originally Posted by emcollins3 View Post
    Wow these are actually nicer than I expected! We will be making our first official "repeaters" trip in November '15, and I was planning on declining the free shirts (since we routinely wind up with tons of promo shirts which eventually find their way to Goodwill). I figured they would be generic heavyweight boxy tees, not a fitted v neck that I would actually wear for workouts, etc. As if I needed another reason to love Couples...or another reason to be counting the days to my trip (hope they don't change the style before then!). : )
    We LOVE the shirts and always have! I have never understood what the issue is with them and the guests. We will be at CTI for our 14th visit with Couples and we still have the first shirts we were ever given. They are comfortable and hold up well over the years. Can't wait to get another set in July. ❤️

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    Emcollins3 just to let you know the t-shirts fit small!
    The bonus for me is I got to keep my hubby's too as CSA didn't have any larger men's ones in stock when we were there. :-)

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    Thanks for the heads up! : )

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