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    Default Always, "Mr. Cambell"

    I always called him, "Mr. Cambell". Never by his first name. We stopped and chatted almost every time we saw each other. A very very pleasant man. He will reside in my heart and mind.

    I hope that there is a way to let the staff know that we too are grieving for Mr. Cambell. I hope that adjusting to this situation will be as peacefully as possible for all concerned.


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    Ritchie, we originally called him Mr. Campbell but over the years it changed to Loiue.
    He was also a wonderful, caring mentor for the bar staff.
    I will pass your sentiments on to a friend at CTI to share with the others. It will be a comfort.

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    mr.campbell,what a gracious man..! over the 19 years we have known him, he has been nothing but pure class. the last time we talked to him in april he was talking about his retirement,working his garden,which he loved doing and his years working at couples. what a wonderful man he was..! we will miss seeing his face and our prayers go out to his family.

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    Have just returned from holiday and while catching up on the MB was shocked to read the sad news. Louis was one of the first staff members we met many years ago during our first visit to CTI - a very special gentleman. Our thoughts are with his family at this time - he will be greatly missed at CTI.

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