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    Default First timer questions!

    Hello there! This will be our third trip to Jamaica and first to a couples property and we are staying at CTI! Jamaica is such a special place, and it's so hard to conceal our excitement! I have done a lot of internet research and picture daydreaming but some of my questions remain unanswered. I hope someone on here can help.
    My first question is: I have seen a lot about pre-check ins? I have no idea what this is! Is it necessary?

    My second question, are there any vendors that visit the resort other than the sea shell man? I understand they can be overwhelming to some, but for it is part of the experience! And also my boyfriend really enjoys buying little trinkets! ...lots of them. Also, on the website under activities it lists water skiing, but we haven't seen anything about it on site?

    Thank you in advance

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    You do not have to pre check in. That is under the romance awards and it is just for what, you want in your mini bar. Second answer they have different vendors everyday, and 2 days there will be lots of venders in the evenings. On the special evenings I think Monday and Saturday.

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    Read the dozens and dozens of entires on the message boards under the same topic....and have a blast in Jamaica! You'll go back for sure!

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    Before you worry about pre-check in, go sign up for romance rewards. Then you can worry about pre-check in. Necessary? I'm not sure, but it is exciting and you get to make your mini bar selections.

    They do have vendors that set up tables by the beach. No pressure, no hassling, but plenty of opportunity to buy trinkets. Also, the gift shop is great for that too. You could always do the Ocho shopping excursion (never done it) or stop by the vendors at Dunn River Falls (at your own risk - they are very aggressive). The airport has a lovely selection too. And I've found you can pretty much buy the same stuff everywhere you go.

    They do offer waterskiing, I can confirm that. When we were there last April, the couple we were with went out skiing. They had a blast.

    Good choice with CTI. You will love it. We're headed back there in 3 weeks for trip #3 in 4 years.

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    Pre-checkin: if you register for romance rewards (bottom of page or top under romantic extras) you will be able to do a pre-checkin. This allows you to put in your flight details, so they know when you will be arriving. It also lets you choose what extra drinks you want in your minibar. Along with these, you can choose what you want for your romance rewards gift. For your first trip, it will be just a tshirt, and maybe a couples cup. There is also a space for you to type any special requests. Keep in mind, anything typed in is just that... A REQUEST. No guarantees of room or location, but they will do their best. You can also let them know about special events, birthday, anniversary, etc.

    The beaches on the ochi side are private, so they do not have tons of vendors. However, they usually do have two or three set up each day, and they may vary from day to day.

    Water skiing is available. I tried it last year, and failed miserably! If it is anything like css, you sign up at the watersports hut in advance.
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    Thanks so much! My aunt is married to a man from Jamaica so the culture is not a shock to us. We have been to their home in trelawny. We ate fruit off of trees all day. So beautiful. We climbed the falls the first time and are considering it again. We are going the first week of August I can hardly wait. I appreciate your help, have a wonderful time!

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    Not too concerned about having enough vendors, a few is just perfect! Thanks so much!

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    I believe for your first trip if you sign up for romance rewards, there are no gifts involved. You are able to do the trading places but that's it. I could be wrong and I haven't looked lately but the gif
    ts start in later trips.

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    Softail you are right. I forgot it was a wedding shirt we got.
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