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Thread: Karaoke at CSA?

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    Im a huge musician and I love to make a fool of myself by doing Karaoke(I also love singing rock and roll stuff that everyone will join in on with me). Is there any Karaoke at CSA? The last time we heard about it, we went and there was a wedding thing going on. We felt very weird just not being a part of the wedding party and left. I believe it was at the Piano Bar. Thanks for your help!! 15 DAYS!!!!


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    The piano bar is where the Karaoke is. It's not all karaoke all the time they play games like name that tune. We will be there in 51 days on our 4th trip to CSA. We are early 30's couple so we enjoy going to the piano bar at night. If you want to sit around the piano I would suggest getting there a little early, those seats normally fill up pretty quick. Enjoy your trip!

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    I also remember there being a staff and guest talent night at the Palms Restaurant stage one evening. I am not sure which one though. People got up and sang and or played instruments. The house band joined in to help. The other singing venue is a s previously stated in the Piano Bar with Ultimate Chocolate above the Patios Restaurant by the Nightclub.

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    The staff and talent show is always on Thur nights. All you have to do is find a guest relation coordinator and they will sign you up!

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