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    Default Couples is giving me problems......Hugs

    OK..Here I sit waiting on our travel agent to finalize our trip..We want to visit CN,CTI and CSS but do not have the time and money to do all three...Choices made are 1 week at CN and then 1 week at CSS with a Trading Places Day to CTI.(Might need to hide out at CTI for a longer stay..He He)

    It was real simple for us before we ventured over to CSS and CTI.
    Just go to CN only but we are so thankful that we tried CSS and CTI.
    Now we have 3 of the Couples Resorts in our hearts.

    CN...CSS...CTI....Oh,how I love typing these words.

    Look for this truck at CN,CSS and CTI next April.
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    Oh Couples,what you done to my life?
    It used to be so simple..Pack a vehicle,head to a beach,find a room,pay for food and drinks,sorta have fun,return home,forget you trip and then pay off the credit card.

    Now..Call our TA,get on the plane,arrive at a Couples,Par Ta,eat well,sleep soundly,play games,meet strangers,make friends,be spoiled,then get your butt on the good bye bus with lumps in your throats,save your memories and rebook Couples asap.

    I indeed have the Couples Flu and each and everyone of you can catch it.
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    tommy need to try promised. I had better see you there in person so my hubby and the rest of team usa can see in person who is always hugging everyone.

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    Well it is about time!!!! Finally twisted that arm enough????? Now I can relax and watch the countdown clock. This will be our 4th trip and we have never gone to Couples without you and Peggy!!!!! It would not have been right, now it's ALL GOOD!

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    Ya Mon - Glad to see you are heading to your true heart's home Awesome that your trip worked out - now if I win the lottery or get a big bonus we will FINALLY meet - and at CN
    Ya Mon

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    Your new home is CTI, forget about Negril, it is for the kids, the north side rocks.
    Irie Mon

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    Huh? I'm confused??? I could've sworn TW & PW were going to try CSA this trip? I was hoping to meet you both and have one of your 'salty dawgs' @ the Sunset Bar. Go figure? Razzl

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    goodygirl,jon1963 and razzldazzime...I really tried hard to get CSA and CTI inclued into our 2010 trip..I really thought it was a done deal but as the time drew closer I had to make a choice and believe me,choosing CN and CSS over CSA and CTI was not an easy decision..It came down to time and money..I wanted so much to visit all four of the Couples Resorts on one trip but Peggy would have none of it..To much packing and unpacking she said.So I now will try CSA in 2011 and return to CTI also in 2011..At least these are the plans RIGHT NOW.

    Oh,how I would love to have a Salty Dog at each of the Couples Resorts on one trip..I hope I can..I hope I can..I hope I can.
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