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    We are so looking forward to a chilled out wedding & honeymoon at CN in June. Other than wedding attire we were thinking of bringing mainly casual clothes. Can anyone tell me if we would be expected to dress up for meals at CN or will casual wear be acceptable?

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    Then click on "info & hours" for each restaurant.
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    misskathyi2009 Guest


    Only restaurant that requires you to be "dressed up is Othatite ( not sure if I spelled it correctly). Men have to wear long pants and close toe shoes. My husband wears boat shoes. Casual wear is fine at all the other restaurants. 2 weeks for me - I can't wait.

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    Oh, this place is awesome and it is very laid back and casual. The guys can wear shorts to every restaurant except to Othehite. You spend all day in bathing suit and if you go eat lunch just throw on a cover-up. At night, it is so warm that it's great to put on a little dress. There really isn't many rules. You will love it.

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    Thanks for the replies guys! Cant wait to get there and chill - 45 days til we get there

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