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    Default local things to do by CTI

    We have been to CTI twice. Does anybody know of any local spots we can walk too. I'm trying to soak up the local flavor??

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    I've done the power walks with Alford and there is nothing except a little grocery store and a small bar/restaurant. It is more of a residential area.

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    What do you want to do? Walk around Ochi? Local restaurants? Loval hangouts?

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    Yeah KrisJamie the local hangouts would be great. I always go to Schotchees but I want to do something a little different this time.

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    There's a good jerk place a couple blocks or so west of CTI. Go have a plate of jerk and a few cold Red Stripe beverages....

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    Head out of the main gate, turn right, and walk up the road until you come to the grocery store and bar. The little bar has the sweetest lady working there, they serve some UNREAL food, and the Red Stripe and Guiness are cold. It's open air, and one of our favorite short trips out.

    Her daughter is a sweetheart.

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    That sounds right up my alley!! Love open air bars!!

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