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    Default I should be working...

    With our countdown slowly ticking away, reading 17 days, 22hrs, 42 mins I should be busting my butt at work making sure everything is set to run smoothly while I am away. BUT...its getting harder and harder to stay focused and on task! All I can think about is returning home to CSS!
    I have a round of golf booked with Lloyd ( Aka 1/2 of Novastar) and I cant wait to tee it up! We are meeting friends who we met during our stay last year and its is going to be a blast to hang out again. (We talk daily either txt message, or emailing.) I am day dreaming about waking up and having my daily omelette made by Edgar, my morning coffee with rum cream, many delicious drinks made by Brian and the other awesome bartenders and having a blast with everyone!
    Even this message...has no real point!! but I know that everyone of you out there know exactly what I am talking about!!
    Beautiful resort, AMAZING STAFF, best friends, and of course my bestest half (who happened to say yes to being my best half the last time we were there!)

    Cant wait to come home........CSS here we come!!

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    I hope you have a wonderful trip! I'm counting down to our trip home to CSS in July! It's pouring rain here right now and in my mind I'm practicing my favorite drink order..."Rum Punch Please!"

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    Yes Rob, it will be a great time. Looking forward to the golfing as well. Gonna have to book up some spa time for the better half while we are hitting the links... ( and the trees, and the ponds, and the sand traps ). 2 weeks from now I will be scotching it on the beach at our home away from home.

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    30 days til CSA and I am useless. I need a pre-vacation from work to prepare for my vacation.

    CSA 2014
    CTI 2017

    "One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain" ~Bob Marley

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