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    Default I did it and Im proud...I think. Lol I get it. 7 weeks from tomorrow we arrive at CN. Listen to Raggae daily. Keep thinking about down time. Can't wait to try a Dirty Banana. Threads are being read slowly in order to absorb each word.
    Awhile back I asked about upgrading a room and had a 50/50 opinion split whether it was worth it. We'll...I went ahead and upgraded to a beach front suite. May even surprise my wife with an extra day. I'm pretty sure I won't regret it.
    Not sure how any of you who've been to Couples can even get up the strength to leave. I haven't even gotten there and am already bummed about leaving. HA. I hope to meet some of you. May 28- June 4 ( or 5th...or 6th)

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    Having been to Couples many times since 1980, I still get emotional when we leave (cry) and the staff ask "When you coming back?" and they reply "Only a few weeks Mon". It does not rain much when we are there but for some strange reason it tends to rain a little when we are leaving and makes it a tiny bit easier.

    Ocean view is well worth it and the beach is wonderful.

    All the Couples Resorts are our heaven on earth and home away from home!


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    Ha I'm bummed about leaving already too!! But you have to just enjoy each moment of each day! We'll be gone right before you get there...have a blast!!

    CSA 2014
    CTI 2017

    "One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain" ~Bob Marley

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    We arrive at CN on 25th May so will probably see you there! Im enjoying reading all these threads too. Dirty bananas and starfish in the sea, sounds amazing. Our first time in Jamaica and first time to Couples! Cant wait.

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    I am so glad I am not the only one that cries when I leave! I currently have 555 days until I return home (if I don't cave and book for this October!) My advice- def. go for the extra day- it will be so worth it!


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    I just want to add that if my husband surprised me for an extra day he would get very lucky! Ha Ha. Definately go for it!

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    I cry every time

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    We'll see you there! This will be our 6th trip! And yeah, the leaving part really bites!

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    We'll see you there too! May 31 -June 7! CAN'T WAIT! And don't think about leaving... HAPPY THOUGHTS ONLY!
    ~ Lori & Bill

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    You won't regret booking an extra day, but you'll probably regret it if you don't...just sayin...
    We've been to Jamaica many times and I still cry every time we leave.

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