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    Default 1st time in couples negriel

    My wife and I will be there from April 28th until May 5th,any advice we can use to make it a lot of fun..

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    Best advice is...have fun!

    Mike, my wife and I will be at CN April 24th through May 2nd (maybe our paths will cross). We used to have different ideas about what our vacations would be like, but have found that each trip to CN is different. Sometimes we are really active, doing all kinds of water sports. Other times sand gravity kicks in and we sit on the beach for a week. Sometimes we are very social and meet lots of people, other times we keep to ourselves. It's all good...and we can't wait to get back!

    If you see a guy on the beach wearing a hat woven from palm fronds (I always get one), that could very well be me...stop by and we can have a cocktail and a laugh.
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    From 1 mike to another, if you would like to get out to the bars we are doing the one love bus pub crawl on May 2, we have never done this and this is trip 13. Bus leaves at 2.30 if intrested we will need to get your name in to lenbert.

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    Thanks Bert,drinks and laughs are what is on the agenda,we will keep an eye for the hat....

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    Hey Mike any particulars on the pub crawl...

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    Mike, from what I have read the bus stops at 8 bars for around 1/2 hour each and you pay for your own but do not half to buy at each stop. The bus is free but everyone tips the driver, it leaves the resort at 2.30 and back around 6.30-7.00. To sign up email Lenbert at You can read about it on trip adviser also, theres been a post on it in the last few weeks. It should be a good time and a nice way to get out for a few hours.

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