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    Default Local spots near CSA

    We've been to CSA once and walked up and down the beach and saw the various other hotels and little clubs. Is there anything to see walking on the road? Any local watering holes or jerk places worth visiting?

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    Yes! Go to the old south lobby of CSA (where you find Feathers, the gift shops, etc.) and leave the resort, crossing Manly Boulevard right there. Continue south (to the right) for 100 yards and you will come to Ossie's Jerk Center. Some of the best jerk pork on the island. Another half mile (+ or -) and you'll come to Best In The West. Excellent jerk chicken and they will also make you jerk lobster. These two are the best in the area.
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    I agree with fawnridge! Best in the West is one of our favorite spots. We dow up the beach, however, rather than the road. Once you get to the hotel called Coco La Palm you can cross through the side of the building and cross the road. It's right there! Much quiet, nicer, safer walk than on the road. We plan to try Ossie's next time!

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    When I run from CN, when I get to the crosswalk at CSA going to the Fitness Center, I cross the road and run back. This year I will have to extend my run for 100 yards and at least see Ossies (maybe go for lunch on a Trading Places day).

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    Do any of these places serve conch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by golferjim View Post
    Do any of these places serve conch?
    Go to beach, take a right. Just past the resort next door is Cosmo's. They have an awesome curry conch that is tasty and plentiful. Cosmo's is also a great place to get an afternoon beer or two "off campus".

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