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    Default Another question about Scotchies

    If we decide to go to Scotchies for lunch one day while staying at CSS:
    How long does it take to get there by cab from CSS?
    About how much is cab fare?
    What would a typical lunch cost there (including a couple of Red Stripes)


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    It's about a 15 minute ride out. Cabs for the shorter distances will hit you with a flat rate of 20 (25?) but will wait on you. I suggest feeding the driver, too.

    Lunch, with several Red Stripe (and Guiness and overproof/Ting) averages 60 for us and our friend we take. Call it 20-30 something for 2 with minimal drinking.

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    It takes about 20 minutes. We did this last year, I think we paid about 20 for the cab ride and back and lunch for us and the cab driver was about another 20

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    Lunch will cost from $10-$12 per person if you get a bunch of sides like bammy, festival, roasted yam, and breadfruit. Do get a bunch of sides! Cab will be around $20. Buy the driver lunch also as he'll likely stay there while you eat.

    Scott and June

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    We go every time we are at CTI. I think it's the best place for jerk on the island. Please do get a bunch of sides you need to try everything. I love hot foods but go easy on the hot sauce!!! We will be back the last week of August if anybody wants to share a cab ride!!

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    We spent around $70 last time but we tried everything. We asked the concierge to make the arrangements for us which worked out great. They know all the cab drivers and make sure you're well taken care of. Our driver was extremely nice and very helpful and yes we bought him lunch. It was fun to hear about his family and talk scotch bonnets.
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