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    Default How to transport my dress?

    We will be getting married on May 11th 2014 at CSS! I am wondering if anyone has some helpful tips on how to transport my dress. I am fearful of putting it in checked luggage, but am not sure if its possible to bring as carry on. What have you done? Getting so excited as the day is rapidly approaching and would love any advice on this or any other helpful hints that may help to calm my nerves! Thanks in advance!

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    DON'T CHECK IT!! Carry it on. I put my dress in a garment bag and as they wouldn't let me hang it in a closet, I laid it on top in an overhead bin. Maybe your airline will be mire cooperative. When we got to csa, we hung them up and all was great. Didn't even have to get it pressed. I've read that is a service they provide for a charge in case you're wondering. Have a great time, css is gorgeous, lots of beautiful places for pictures

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    I am getting married at CSS on May 10th 2014!! Ahhh I am so excited too!! My travel agent told me to ask the flight attendant if you can hang it in the capitan's closet at the front of the plane. She said if you act all happy and sweet and "gushy bride", they may do it. I guess that doesn't always work though! I am thinking of putting mine in a box, since I'm worried about the lace getting stretched out on the hanger. The website says it is $60 to press it, but I might iron mine myself.

    How many people will you be having? What type of ceremony did you pick? It is nice to see an (almost) date twin on here

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    My wife carry hers on . The stewerdess hung it up somewhere safe on the plane for her. She did not have to put in the over head. ALso when we got to the resort we used the dry cleaning offered by the resort and had no problems at all. We got mattied at CSS back in 09 at CSS.
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    I didn't get married at the resort, but I had a DW in California. I simply carried my dress on as my personal item. We flew Southwest which is a cheaper airline and there is no captain's closet. I laid my dress across my husband's suitcase in the overhead compartment...and I threatened anyone who looked like they wanted to put a bag in there lol. I bought a hand steamer with me and touched it up on my wedding day, and it worked out great!

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    Thanks so much everyone! I am going to take your advice and carry it on with me. No more worrying, now im just ready to go! I am so very excited and simply cannot wait to get to CSS and marry the man of my dreams!!

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    Put it in a heavy dress bag and you should see if you can carry it on the plane as your carry on

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