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    Default Question about the island at CTI...

    I searched through 9 pages and didn't see this answer, so I apologize if it's already been discussed.

    When getting off the boat on the island, what is the protocol?

    Go in changing room, come out fully nude?
    Strip down on the dock?
    Go to chair and undress?

    Just curious as this will be our first time there.

    Thank you!

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    It's no big deal. Find a chair, get your towels, get a drink and then strip down. You can normally tell who is new to the AN beach. We go to CSS. You see some who stop at the sign coming into SSB and strip. We were the same our first day many years ago.
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    Relax, smile..... find a good spot...get naked, Relax, smile.... repeat. :-)

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    Thanks for the info.

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    I saw several couples do just that ...but within an hour you would have thought they had been coming to SSB for years.

    I know it's a bit overwhelming at first, but very quickly the experience becomes quite underwhelming. That's when you realize you are there for the comfort and to be around nice people.

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    Just go and find a nice spot. Get undressed and enjoy. You should already have your towels.

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    You could strip down at the dock, but its not necessary. As losta suggests, relax, get a drink, find a chair, remove clothing. But there is no set order. Towels are on the mainland at watersports. If you feel uncomfortable, head back to the dock and wave down the boat.

    Added suggestion, to the right is a more private/quiet area, to the left is the social bar area. Most newbies go right to start and work their way over. But again, feel free to jump right in.

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    Thanks for all the info. I've been to AN beaches before...but just not CTI. For some reason, I thought I read that you were required to strip down when entering the island...which didn't seem 'normal'.

    Looking forward to our trip. Thanks again!

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