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    Default Any CrossFitters at CSA May 9-15, 2014? Suggested WODs?

    The hubs and I will be traveling to CSA next month (YAY!!!) and while we plan to use the week as a bit of a "rest week", it's really hard to stay out of the gym altogether for that long of a time! If there are any other CrossFitters who are planning to be at CSA during the same time (5/9-5/15), we would love to WOD with you!

    If any CrossFitters who have recently been to CSA could share workouts you may have done with available equipment, it would be greatly appreciated! We have worked out in CSA's gym many times, but just started CrossFit about 9 months ago and really can't remember specific equipment that would be appropriate for use in a WOD.

    35 more sleeps!

    Mark & April
    CSA - 06/03 (Honeymoon), 07/08, 10/09, 10/11, 5/14
    Secret Rendezvous - 11/05 (CN), 06/07 (CSS), 12/12 (CTI)

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    You could always run 200m in sand, do some air squats, push ups and burpees and then repeat. I've also used my luggage for overhead squats and weighted lunges. Enjoy ��

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    I remember that they have kettlebells for sure. We take a jump rope and then just make do over at the gym. Run a lap, do some burpees/pushups/situps, some kettlebells and you have a WOD. You should also be able to find a small wall, bench to do some box jumps. Last November at CSS, hubby managed do a full murph on one day. I didn't have too many problems following my boxes WOD's except for wallballs. We'll miss you by half a month...going to CSA 4/18...and we'll do a WOD each morning.

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    Wallballs are BORING!!!! The trainers at CSA are really good (as in kick your butt good)! They will create a workout for you that may be a little different from your typical WOD….Why not mix it up a bit and try something different on your vacay? Give your muscles the chance to try something new!!

    Have fun!!!

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    I go to CTI and CSS and I always do Nancy (treadmill) at least once. You don't need a whole lot of room for OHS, assuming they have bars and plates. Cindy and Angie are both good vacation workouts, if a pull up bar is available. Then, there are always burpees - but, why ruin a vacation, right?

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